A Rape Poem

Dust rose from the ground, her hair danced in fright
As her feet hastened to run from the impending danger
Her lips were parted, voice in heights
Her eyes sought for a way to hide from this stranger

But in one swift movement, in his arms she was again
His hand quickly covered her sumptuous lips
As he dragged her into a room and locked with chain
Threw her on the bed, his hands secured her hips

One by one, each garment was torn
While her eyes screamed and begged for mercy
Between her and death, distance was forlorn
As he unbuckled his belt and watched in mockery

He’d driven into her, despite her screams
Despite the blood that flowed down her laps
Despite the murder he knew in a brim
Would make his own downfall elapse

He didn’t stop, until he was done
Up from the wasted bed he stood
Within moments, the man was gone
Left her to face what no one understood

Within days, the news had spread
All searched for who had done such treachery
Poor girl had put herself to death
As Belial watched in cold mockery.

The man lives and breathes till this day
Kills and rapes and spreads his semen
If only she’d been strong enough to stay
If only someone had thought to say
That she was more than just a hymen.

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