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Entrusted (Episode Twelve)

Continued from the last part…

After a very long while, Jude came back from the restaurant with his boss’ food.

“What took you so long?” Dave inquired immediately he sighted Jude.

“Ah, boss…you need to see the party going on very close to the restaurant,” Jude exclaimed, gently dropping the plate of rice on a small stool.

“So what is surprising about that?” Dave asked.

“Boss, since I’ve been born into this world, I have never seen a burial party as grand as that one,” Jude exclaimed again, pushing the stool closer to his boss who was sitting on the sofa. “Boss, in fact, let’s go there!” Jude clapped his hands excitedly.

Nku—nku—nku, I pass.” Dave shook his head negatively. “But how did the party affect you from buying what I sent you and coming back very quickly?” Dave pursed as he was about to bring the plate of rice out of the nylon. “So, you stood there watching the party right?” Dave arched a brow.

“Ermm…I…ermm…it’s…” Jude stuttered.

“You erm, it’s erm… Mtcheww!” Dave hissed.
Dave ignored him and opened the disposable plate of food. The aroma of the food filled the studio instantly, dancing around Jude’s nostrils who was still standing right in front of his boss, causing Jude’s mouth to water with saliva.

Just as Dave was about to dip a spoonful of rice into his mouth, with Jude standing before him with his mouth left wide open like his boss was going to feed him, a short, fair, young lady around Dave’s age stepped into the gallery.

“Papa Dee!” the lady smiled brilliantly.
Dave looked up and dropped the spoonful of rice in the plate.

“Mammie G! What’s up?” Dave instantly beamed with smile.

“I’m good,” Gold replied. “Papa Dee,na you dey enjoy o,” Gold added, signaling at the food before Dave.

Awww, you are invited.” Dave laughed.

“Before nko?” Gold smiled and carried another small stool and placed it before Dave to sit on.

“Hmmm… Jude get a spoon for Mammie G,” Dave signalled to Jude.

Jude who had been standing all the while, frowned and turned robotically to the store to get a spoon.

She likes food too much, he muttered to himself as he entered the store. Why does she even come here all the time? He squeezed his face and pouted.

Gold owned the shop next to Dave’s gallery. She sells female wears including bags and shoes. She was fair in complexion, short, and a bit thin. Ever since she and Dave got close, she’d always go to his gallery whenever she was bored or tired.

Thirty minutes later, Jude alighted from the store with a spoon in his hand and a crown on his face. He handed the spoon over to Gold as soon as he got closer to her.

“Thank you!” Gold smiled sweetly at him.

“Jude get Mammie G a table water.” Dave smiled.

“Oh, there’s no need for that. Go into my shop, there’s a bag of satchet water lying against the wall. Bring me a satchet from the bag.” Gold beamed.

Jude didn’t reply. He just turned robotically again and went out of the studio. Within a minute, he was back with a satchet water.
After Dave and Gold finished eating, they kept chattering, both of them laughing really hard till noon.

Gold checked the time and saw that it was far spent so she stood up and went out of the studio to lock up her shop while Dave also asked Jude to lock the gallery.

“Don’t be late tomorrow morning,” Dave sneered.

“Yes boss.” Jude nodded.

“And you can keep the change with you,” Dave added, smiling.

“Ah, boss you are the best!” Jude skipped off happily.

Dave waited till Gold was done locking her shop before they both walked to his car. Not that Gold didn’t have a car but while she and Dave were chattering earlier, she told him it was faulty and it was at her mechanic’s.

So she was catching a ride with Dave. Dave opened the passenger side for her and she hopped into the car happily. Dave closed the door and hopped into the driver’s side of the car before zooming off.

They chit-chatted all through the ride till they got to the junction that led to Gold’s house. Dave waved her goodbye before zooming off to his apartment.

Immediately he got into his house, he switched on the lights and headed for his room. He got into the bathroom, took a shower, dried his body and wore his robe before going downstairs to make tea for himself. After making his tea, he served himself and went back upstairs. He took a sip and gently placed the teacupful on the dressing table. He took his phone and dialed a number.


“G’night!” Hannah yawned as she and Julie walked out of the sitting room.

Since the afternoon, they’d been watching different types of movies and when they got tired of watching, they saw that it was already 10pm. They decided to call it a night. Julie switchched off the TV set and they both headed to their room respectively.

“Night bae,” Julie replied Hannah, grinning.
Hannah entered her room and closed the door behind her while Julie headed to her room.

She was about to open the door to her room when she heard her phone ring. She grinned and hastily entered her room, jamming the door behind her. She ran towards her dressing table, picked the call before picking up the phone and placing it against her left ear.

“Baby girl,” the caller’s voice rang out. Julie furrowed her brows immediately she heard the caller’s voice and brought the phone to her face to check the caller ID. It was her dad. She groaned and fell onto the bed with her face facing the ceiling. It wasn’t his call she was expecting, she was expecting Best’s call.

She groaned again before replying her dad.

“Hi Daaaddddd…” She dragged the ‘dad’.

“What’s up baby girl?” her dad asked.

“Nothing much. I’m good,” Julie replied.

“You sure?” her dad asked, not convinced.

“Yeah!” She rolled her eyes.

“OK then. Just called to check up on you. Good night princess.” Her dad yawned.

“Goodnight Dad,” Julie replied and hung up.


“Oh, mum!” Dave chuckled.
“G’night mum, and extend my love to Chloe. I love you,” Dave smiled and after a while, he hung up.

He’d been on phone with his mum since he got back to his room.

Humph,” he sighed.

“Let me call my sunshine,” he muttered to himself before he dialed his Sunshine’s phone number.


Grrrrrr!” the sound of Julie’s phone ringing made Julie open her eyes. She picked of the phone beside her and saw that it was a video call. She grinned like a five-year old kid who just got a pack of chocolates after confirming that it was Best calling.

She picked up the call, took a pillow and rested her phone against the pillow, still grinning widely.

“Baby yo!” Dave bit his lower lips and grinned soon as Julie picked the call.

“Since!” Julie pouted.

“I’m so sorry my love. The traffic was hectic!” Dave sighed as he pleaded.

Awww, sorry…” Julie said with with a scowl.

Hun. So what’s up, have you eaten?” Dave rested his chin on his left palm.

“Yeah, this evening, we ate popcorns.” Julie twiched her lips.

“We? We who?” Dave asked, bewildered.

“Yes. I told you about my friend, yeah?” Julie rolled her eyes.

“Oh…yeah.. Sorry I forgot.” Dave face-palmed himself.

“You are such a forgetful kid!” Julie smirked.

“Yes ma’am.” Dave chuckled softly. “So how is she?” Dave asked.

“She’s good. She should be asleep by now.” Julie bit her fingernails.

“Oh, OK,” Dave replied.

“Hmmm. So what did you eat?” Julie asked, adjusting her sitting position on the bed.

“Well, we ate rice this afternoon and I drank tea this night.” Dave twiched his lips.

“What? We? We who?” Julie furrowed her brows.

“Hmmm… Gold and I,” Dave replied.

“That girl that owns the shop next to your gallery?” Julie asked.

“Yup. That one.” Dave nodded his head.

“Hmmm, just be careful with her.” Julie scowled.

“Yes ma’am!” Dave smiled.

“Hun, I can see you’ve taken a shower.” Julie smiled and pointed at the screen of her phone.

Yupppp!” Dave replied, popping the ‘p’ in the ‘yup’.

“Hmmm, you look hot in that robe as always.” Julie winked at him.

Awwn awwn! I’m blushing.” Dave grinned. “You wanna take a look at my abs right?” Dave loosened the knot of the robe, making his bare chest and packs visible to Julie.

“Huh!” Julie scoffed. “Is that what you want?” she asked. “You want us to tease each other right?” Julie added, twitching her lips.

“Well…” Dave chuckled.

“OK!” Julie smirked.

She gently and slowly unbuttoned her shirt before pulling it off, showing off her cleavage and the front parts of her boobs that were visible and not well cupped by her bra.

Dave gulped at the sight of her.

“You like what you see?” Julie teased,bitting on her lower lip.

“Sunshine…” Dave called with a husky voice after he found his voice.

“Yes baby..” Julie grinned.

“What’s the time?” Dave asked, still staring at Julie’s cleavage.

Hmmm…around eleven. Why?” Julie raised a brow.

“I wanna come over to your place,” Dave slowly replied.

Hehehe,” Julie giggled. “It’s late!” she said admist laughter.

Awww!” Dave pouted.

“On Saturday.” Julie grinned.

Noooo… it’s too far!” Dave whined like a baby.

“Oh, so Saturday is now too far right?” Julie chuckled.

“Yes! I wanna touch my boobs!” Dave pouted.

Awwn awwn. Sorry baby.” Julie laughed heartily.

“G’night durling. I wanna take a shower.” Julie added.

“Huh? So you’re gonna leave me like this?” Dave yelled, pointing at his already arisen dick.

Awww, Best, let ‘beasty Best’, wait till Saturday. G’night! I love you. Muah.” Julie laughed heartily and kissed the screen of her phone before hanging up.

“SUNSHINE!” Dave yelled. But it was already too late, Julie already hung up.

Ohohohohou!” Dave yelled, ruffling his already well laid bed.

He took one of the pillows on the bed and hugged it really tight like he was hugging his ‘Sunshine’. After wandering and turning around on the bed for a while, he drifted off to sleep.


After Julie hanged up, she giggled to herself and skipped happily to the bathroom. After taking a shower, she dried her body and wore her pajamas.

Immediately she fell on the bed, she sweetly and unconsciously drifted off to sleep.

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