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This Thing Called Love

She met him at the party.

It was the party that everyone had been raving about, so she made sure to attend it. He stood out. She didn’t know what made her notice him but she just found herself drawn to him by some invisible bond. She just couldn’t stop staring, he was food for the eyes.

He was tall and slender with soft feminine but firm hands and a fluid grace and effortlessness which almost made it seem like he was floating rather than walking. A dancer that one, she could spot then a mile away because she was one too.

“Hmm candy,” she whispered to herself and closed her eyes imagining how those hands would feel on her.” Stop it!” she chided herself. “A guy you just met, who hasn’t even spoken to you yet and you’re getting worked up already.”

She sneaked a quick look at him again and found him looking at her. She quickly averted her gaze and focused on the Chapman juice in her hands, staring at it as if she was just seeing it.

“Hey there,” she heard a deep masculine voice say behind her. Her heart tumbled out of its position and she almost died of fright as she choked on her drink. “Hey…easy easy,” the deep voice rumbled as the owner patted her back gently. She coughed for a while before it finally subsided and during the period she was able to get together her
scrambled wits.

“What is wrong with you mister?” she retorted eyes blazing. “How can you just sneak up on me like that, do you want me to have an heart attack.”

The young man could only chuckle, he was the guy she was checking out before, yet for the fact that he was easy on the eyes does not give him the right to sneak up on her like that. “I’m really sorry if I scared you,” he began, his face a sincere mask of apology while his eyes had on a mischievous twinkle. “It really wasn’t my intention,” he finished.

“Hmmph,” she said in reply. She didn’t trust him one bit, he had mischief written in capital letters all over his face and his eyes. Jesus! His eyes were beautiful. He had these compelling eyes that always forced you to look at him even if you didn’t want to, I could get lost in them for hours.

“I’m Christopher,” he said interrupting her wandering thoughts. “But my friends call me Chris,” he said with a smile of seduction playing on his lips as he held her hands a little longer than necessary. She snatched
them away.

“I am Idera,” she replied him keeping her eyes on his hands, she didn’t dare look into those eyes.

“I d e r a,” he drew out slowly like one savoring a choice meal. Just the way he called her name alone had her heart beating fast. She tried to slow down her breathing and maintain focus, then she saw him hiding a smile. The brute knew what he was doing to her and he was enjoying himself. “I… D… E… R… A,” he whispered in her ears and she swallowed saliva. “Would you like to dance with me,” he breathed to her ears.

She couldn’t even refuse him if she wanted to, he was a man used to getting his way and she was deeply under the spell of seduction he wound around her.

They got to the dance floor and danced. She was right from her previous assessment, he really was a dancer and he was graceful. The way he handled and carried her with each dance move was truly a feat. They held the attention of everyone at the party as everyone stopped to stare at the two of them on the dance floor. They fitted so well that the chemistry between them both was noticeable. She responded to his dips, turns and sways and had the best time of her life dancing with everything she had.

When they both eventually stopped dancing, they were shocked by the thunderous applause that followed. They weren’t aware that they were being watched.

“Whoo! Whoo!” came the whistles and catcalls that had her beaming from ear to ear.

Ring! The shrill sound of her cell phone cut across the air and she quickly reached into her bag for it. It was her mother. Apprehension filled her as she thought of a lie to come up with.

“Hello mother I can’t hear you well…” She said as she left the hall for the balcony.

“Idera where are you?” her mother shouted over the phone.

“Mum I thought I told you. I’m sleeping over at Bimpe’s house na” she replied in a sigh.

“Come home now!” her mother said simply and hung up the phone. Chris was still standing with her.

“Hey, you have to go now. Right?” he said. She nodded morosely. “It’s all right,” Chris said with a smile. ” Just let me have your digits so that we’ll keep in touch, because I believe we are meant to see again trust me.”

She gave him her digits and he gave her a light kiss on the forehead. “Goodbye my fireball,” he whispered with a smile.

For the next few weeks, Chris called her almost everyday or sent her texts if he couldn’t call. They discussed everything from clothes to love. He asked about her previous relationships and she told him that she had
only been in one and that it wasn’t really a proper relationship because they had both been friends for long and then they just decided to date. Chris was every bit the gentleman to her. He respected her wishes and he always found time to listen to her no matter how busy he was.

Then finally he came clean the day he asked her out for lunch. “Idera,” he began.” If I do not say this now, I’m the biggest fool alive for having the opportunity and not saying anything. I’m in love with you my darling. I’ve been in love with you since the very day I set my eyes on you and since then I have had no control over my feelings or emotions again. Please say you’ll be my girlfriend,” Chris pleaded as he held her hands lovingly and looked into her eyes.

Idera was hooked, she couldn’t do no more than nod her head eagerly with her mouth wide open in smiles.

They became a couple in every sense of the word except for the sex part. She told Chris that she wasn’t ready for sex yet and he agreed that they would both wait till after marriage. Chris was sweet, kind, loving and faithful. The two of them always made heads turn whenever they walked into a place because they were both attractive. Chris was every girl’s dream guy and so they always threw themselves at him but he never paid them any attention.

“My heart is for you alone Idera,” he would always say then proceed to rub his nose on hers fondly. They became everyone’s favorite couple, people wanted a relationship like theirs. They pronounced them a match made in heaven. Lovebirds like Chris and Idera, they would say. They were now like synonyms, always together. Wherever Chris was, Idera was not far from there and wherever Idera was, Chris was surely somewhere close by.

So it wasn’t a surprise when Chris began to pester her for sex that Idera couldn’t refuse him. “Baby I love you so much,” he would say, “and if truly you love me like you say, then you’ll give me your body.” Idera became confused. She truly loved Chris and did not want to lose him, neither did she want to lose her virginity which she promised herself that she would never lose until her wedding night, in her matrimonial
bed with the love of her life.

“Chris please don’t make me do this,” she would beg whenever he began to ask again for it.

“Idera do you realize that I can just die from keeping this urge in me,” and so on till Idera finally decided to allow him in. She gave him her body on the first anniversary of their relationship amidst rose petals and candles. Chris really knew how to do this. After the whole activity she expected to feel something but she didn’t feel a thing and so when Chris smiled at her the next morning and asked her how she felt, she forced a smile and said it was beautiful.

It became a regular thing that Chris grew to expect and she didn’t object. “After all, he’s mine now in every sense of the word,” she thought to herself. She began to be possessive and jealous. She questioned every girl that Chris talked to or smiled with. She became insecure, afraid that she wasn’t the only one as he always claimed.

Rumors started reaching her that Chris was cheating on her with other girls, but she refused to believe it. Still clinging to that one shred of hope that he was still in love with her. Then one bright afternoon after cooking for him and they both finished eating he told her that he was no longer interested in their relationship anymore and that he wanted out.

Idera was shattered. She couldn’t believe that it was her beloved Chris that was saying this to her, after everything she did for him. She didn’t cry, she didn’t shout at him or hold his clothes and demand for an explanation. No, she did none of that. She calmly picked up her bag, left his house, went home and hung herself on the ceiling fan in the sitting room.

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