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Locking Her Heart (Part 13)

Continued from the last part…

Alicia’s POV

I held my cheek where she had slapped me and it stung a lot but I felt anger building up in me and I tried to quench it so as not to make a scene, because I knew I could really end up beating her up. I seriously had a bad temper and she seriously just messed with the wrong person. To think I really wanted to apologize in the first place, because yeah, I was the clumsy one who bumped into her, but then she had to slap me making it much more worse, making my anger unquenchable.

“Look at me and apologize you bitch, do you have any idea who I am or you’re so blind you couldn’t see me?” she asked angrily.

That broke the camel’s back, she seriously called me a bitch. She had no right whatsoever. No, she was really going to get it. I got up not to apologise, but to lash out at her and maybe even give her a taste of her medicine. I really had a bad temper so it would be terrible if you messed with me. Getting up, I met face to face with something I never ever expected. All the anger died down immediately and was replaced with humour so I laughed.

I laughed so hard I could feel my eyes welling up with tears, and even then I kept on laughing, I couldn’t stop despite the eyes that were on me. It was so damn funny, the girl calling me a bitch looked like a clown gone wrong. Don’t let me even get started on her appearance, her face was caked with makeup which contrasted with her skin colour giving her the worst look ever. Her clothes were obviously designers, they looked expensive, the best of the best but in no way matched. To sum it up, she looked like the total of a clown so I kept laughing. I seriously wasn’t ready to stop anytime soon and occasionally looking at her face didn’t help matters.

The girl, whoever she was, looked at me with killer glares but I didn’t care. I seriously kept on laughing till she finally spoke up. “Oh, and what in hell’s name is so funny, Bitch? Do you have any idea who I am? I’m…”

I could not listen to her voice still as it sounded so unnatural and seriously painful to my hearing.

“Well, you’re right, I was so blinded by your makeup. I can’t even see who am talking to right now,” I said. “I seriously don’t care who you are as your appearance precedes you, you’re obviously a clown. Oh, and I could explain to you what’s so funny but I’m afraid you might not be able to understand as you may well know, clowns are really so dumb,” I said barely holding back my laughter.

“Do I look like a clown to you or you really don’t know who I am?” she asked with a look of disbelief on her face.

“Who you are is for you to know and not I to give a fuck about so if you’ll excuse me, I really and seriously got better things to do,” I said. “And oh, I’m letting you go this time, just because you made me laugh, but the next you dare even lay a finger on me, you’ll regret ever meeting me. Trust me, sweetheart, that’s not a threat, it’s really just a promise,” I said before walking away.

Well, my morning is back to going great, she really didn’t look in the mirror before leaving. Otherwise, she would have thought twice. I laughed once more because it was seriously so damn funny.

Getting to the school garden where I had hoped to see Michelle, I met students running to the hall and I wondered what could possibly be exciting to make them run so fast. I spotted Michelle getting her things about to leave, I increased my strides to get there on time and stopped her just before she could leave. She looked surprised to see me but never the less smiled before She spoke up.

“Alicia, really nice to see you. I thought you wouldn’t want us to be friends after everything that happened yesterday and everything I told you,” she said.

“Are you crazy? Of course, I’m glad we’re friends now,” I said.

She smiled once more but suddenly remembered something and made to go once more.

“Alicia, we’ll talk later but news is that one of the REDS just got insulted this morning when she slapped a girl and I seriously need to know if it’s true and if it is, I want to know who was bold enough to do so,” she said

“Like seriously what’s with this school and acronyms what in heavens name is REDS.” I said.

“Oh right, I keep forgetting you’re new. Well, like the J³, the REDS is just some group of girls who think they get it all just because they have rich parents and all. Some would say they’re the queen bees of the school because well, they kinda are in a way. Many say three out of the four are dating the J³, but that’s really just school gossip, the J³ are players and they would always be.”

The mere fact of thinking that Jason could actually be dating someone made me want to puke for some reason. I mean, we’re getting married, right? So he can’t date someone, right?

I mentally slapped myself at this. I was supposed to be getting the wedding called off so I’m glad he’s even dating someone, right? I really hoped the rumor was true. Now, back to this REDS issue. More like queen clowns I thought.

If all of them were like the one I met this morning, then I really don’t want to meet anymore of them. Wait, how did the news travel so fast? I mean, we just met in the hall some minutes ago, I wondered.

“So, Alicia, I need to meet that really brave girl. I wonder if she’s new also because as far as I know practically no one could stand up to them.”

“Uhm, Michelle I was that girl,” I said

I mean, I had to tell her, we made a pact not to keep any secrets whatsoever from each other. Plus, I don’t regret what happened one bit. She deserves it and more for even dare laying a finger on me.

Michelle looked really shocked. “OMG, Alicia, do you have any idea what you’ve done?” she said.

“Yeah. I defended myself from a clown,” I said.

“Clown…?” she asked, confused.

“Yeah, you should have seen her face,her make up was way out of this world,” I said.

We both laughed at this because I bet we both imagined her face, and jeez, she would really make a good clown someday.

“Well I guess you are right about that, what do you expect from Daisy?” she asked.


“Yeah, Daisy. She’s the one you met. You’re lucky it wasn’t Rebecca, Ella or Scarlett that would have been really funny.”

Rebecca, Ella, Daisy, Scarlett …(REDS), I thought.

I wondered how the rest would look. I really had to tell Michelle to take me on a tour, then maybe I would meet them. But before I forget the lunch with Matt, “Uhm, Michelle, we’re having lunch with Matt, alongside some of his friends. Hope you don’t really mind?” I asked sweetly.

“Of course not, the more the merrier, right?” she replied.

Well, at least, that’s settled. Can’t really wait for lunch then.


Well there goes the bell. At least, she got all the details from me, then we went off to class which again was literature.

Class was really fun as the teacher wouldn’t stop making us laugh. He combined his teaching with stories from his childhood and that really made it so much better. I grumbled internally when the bell was rung as I seriously didn’t want class to end. Unlike yesterday, we didn’t have recess so we made our way to the next class. I spotted Jason, Jack as well as Josh entering the class after and I silently prayed we didn’t have the same class as them.

My prayers went unanswered as we had the same class. But that wasn’t going to affect me anyways, I had Michelle with me I was going to be perfectly fine.

“Uhm, Alicia, I have another class. So, sorry I’ll see you later,” she said.

Wait a minute, she seriously couldn’t be thinking of leaving me in the same class with the J³. Without her, this would go terrible but I needed to do this.

“Mr. Greg is really nice but he’s kinda strict so you shouldn’t really be caught talking in his class,” she warned.

Well, that won’t be a problem. I thought.
Bidding her goodbye, I twisted the knob and entered, and my eyes met with Jack sitting beside Josh but Jason was no where in sight. Not like I cared anyway.

I took a sit farthest away from them. I let out a sigh and turned to see who was beside me but I gasped out when I met with the smirking jerk. Why isn’t he with his friends? I turned away as I didn’t in any way want to speak to him.

The teacher who I suppose was Mr. Greg entered and started his lesson. He was the History teacher and I was really fascinated about what he said so I paid close attention to him.

Throughout the lesson, Jason kept whispering to me, occasionally calling my name but I paid little attention to him. He called my name one more time but this time he added ‘babe’ and that got me over the edge so I glared back directly at him.

“Miss. Riele and Mr. Zac, detention after school, no excuses. Maybe then you’ll learn to focus only on me during class,” Mr. Greg said in a petty voice.

Oh no! Michelle warned me about this but I didn’t really listen and now I have detention this is really so bad; and it’s all that jerk’s fault.

I turned to glare and him but he only just smirked and said nothing till the end of the lesson. Guess he’d got what he wanted.

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