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In Her Mocassin (Part 10)

Continued from the last part…

Nicola’s POV

“Two more weeks to go. Oh! I can’t wait,” Nora said with glee while clapping her hands in delight like a little girl who’s being handed a plate of cookies.

“Girl chill. You’re shouting like this because of the form. The competition is still a month and two weeks away,” I said.

“Ugh! That sucks. It’s too far away. I wish there’s a time machine which would forward the weeks and before we know it, viola! It would be the second week of December.”

“Unserious students. Our tests are next week and exams in four weeks time and you’re here thinking about the competition. Shame on you,” Nicole scolded half seriously.

Nora and I exchanged glances. “Oh that’s true,” we said together, a little bit ashamed of ourselves.

It was Thursday, 26th of October, 2017. The periodic test starts next week. And since it is a very important test, all students are seriously preparing for it in order to come out with flying colours.

Nicole, Nora and I were on our way to the library when Nora brought up the dance competition. The school library also called ‘The Genius’ is very large and well stocked with all the necessary textbooks. It consists of a main chamber with lots of shelves stocked with textbooks Each shelf is well labeled with tags stating the subjects which enables easy access to the books. At the middle of the room is the reading area. At this area are tables which are demarcated into three places and three well padded wooden chairs. This setting is to prevent distraction when reading.

At the left end of the room is the restroom while at the right side is a door which leads to another room—my favorite room in Glistering High. The room is well stocked with a very wonderful thing. Something I can’t do without—novels. It’s in this room I spend most of my leisure hours. It also have a reading area.

We entered ‘The Genius’ and met the librarian—Miss Cheryl—a very jovial young lady who always has a huge smile pasted on her face. She’s also always very eager to help anyone who is unable to find a particular book. Unlike some librarians who are too lazy to get their asses up in order to help search for a book. Miss Cheryl is a short woman with short curly blonde hair which fell about an inch above her shoulders. She have been the librarian for four years and seem to know the names of virtually all students in the school.

“Good afternoon Miss Cheryl,” we chorused as we entered the library.

Miss Cheryl dropped the book she was reading and raised her head. “Afternoon Nicole, Nicola and Nora. How are you today?” she asked with her usual smile.

“We are fine,” Nora replied for us all.

“How can I help you today?”

“We only want to read our books. Thanks for the offer,” I replied.

“Alright dears. Study hard.”

“We will.”

As we made to go, Miss Cheryl picked up the book she’d dropped when we’d entered. I glanced at it and saw that it was a Danielle Steel’s book titled “Jonny Angel.” I told Nicole and Nora to go on without me.

“Miss Cheryl?”

“Yes?” she answered without looking up.

The book must be very interesting for Miss Cheryl to not look up when I called her, I thought.

“Mind if I borrow this novel after my tests?” I asked.

She looked up and smiled. “Not at all. You can have it. There should be extra copies of it somewhere. When you’re ready, inform me. I’ll help you get a copy.”

“Thanks Miss Cheryl.”

“Don’t mention dear.”

I went to meet Nicole and Nora and was surprised by what I met. Nicole and Nora weren’t sitting yet. They were standing in front of our usual seat with anger on their faces. I was perplexed. I wondered what was wrong. Then to my surprise, I saw something that changed my surprise to anger.

That scumbag was sitting comfortably on our seat!

“That’s our seat so get your stinky ass out of it,” I said as I reached Nicole and Nora.

To my surprise, the SG just sat there reading her book with her earphones plugged in her ears.

“Didn’t you hear me? I said you should get your stinky self out of our seat,” I repeated already getting exasperated.

She still ignored me and continued reading, acting as if I wasn’t even there. Now I was damn angry. When the volcano in me was about to erupt, she unplugged an earphone and said, “Oh sorry I didn’t hear you. You were saying?”

I looked at her with anger. Imagine this piece of rag telling me she didn’t hear me. What nonsense.

Natalie’s POV

Reading my book in the library and this trouble seekers coming to meet me claiming that I was sitting in their seat left me angry, but I decided to keep my cool.

Their seat? Surely their names weren’t written on it.

I removed an earphone and asked her what she’d said though I’d clearly heard her.

She looked at me angrily and I was sure she was going to insult me—like I care. I was already getting used to their insults.

“Just stand up from our seat before you pollute it with your filth,” she said.

“I don’t believe your name is written on this seat,” I replied. “And I believe there are other seats you can sit in,” I said calmly. And truly there was more than ten empty seats.

“This is our seat and you have no right to sit in it. Do stand up right now!” she shouted. Her outburst made the other students reading to look in our direction and look at her with anger for disturbing them.

“Just go and find somewhere else to sit and stop disturbing me. I’m busy,” I said with a note of finality, put my earphone back into my ear and continued reading. I knew my action would anger her further but I don’t care.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her. She was about to say something but her friend Nora put her hands on her shoulder and said quietly, “Leave her. Let’s just find somewhere else to sit.” She wanted to protest but Nora led her away.

I sighed in relief. “Gone at last.”

Nicola’s POV

What audacity does that rag have to just put back her earphone and ignore me like I wasn’t even standing there?

I was already seeting with anger and was about to give her a piece of my mind when Nora, the peacemaker put her hands on my shoulder and told me to leave her alone. I wanted to protest, but I realized that we were in the library where I couldn’t create a scene. I had no choice but to agree with Nora and follow her to another seat.

I threw the SG an angry glare which read ‘This isn’t over yet’. Though I doubt she saw it.

This isn’t over yet SG. It isn’t, I thought.

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