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Ejiro (Part 2)

Continued from the last part…

Omoyemwen was a young lady who believed so much in the tales of love. She presumed that love has no hate.That love can only bring out the better version of one’s self. Even when house chores choked her just like weevils clustering around bean, Omo would still prefer to argue with you from dusk to dawn when the matter of love arose.

The reason why you dey talk like this na because you never jam better man. If better man hit you like this eeeh, I swear only you go take your mouth confess,” she once told her female friend during a hot argument between them.

My dear leave love abeg, me na money sure pass for me. Give me money carry love,” Olamma said frowning.

“Oh! Igbo girls and money, “Omo said laughing.

The story of Esosa and Ovie has always been an inspiration to all the lovebirds in the community. The conjecture that the duo have died for love gave so many young lovers an impact to make their affairs stronger than imagined.

Esosa came from a community called Ughoton. It was founded by a prince who was banished alongside his mother for an offence committed long ago. It is a village not far from Ile Ife in Ibadan and around the outskirt of Benin City.

As regards to where Esosa was from, the king of Oredo kingdom forbade his son from marrying Esosa because to him, “she was nothing but an outcast.” This shattered the heart of prince Ovie and the depression both partners faced led them into committing suicide. The two were found dead hung along the path that leads to the village stream.

The story was old but it still remains fresh like an early morning palm wine in the minds of the youths.

Agbawu, this means inseparable. So lovers love calling themselves such pet names.

“My only Agbawu, I will never leave you I swear!” a young man said to his lover.

“My Oghogho, are you sure?” she asked smiling.

“Yes na, instead of anything to break us, then we will become the second Esosa and Ovie of this village.” They both laughed and continued their journey.

Efe just returned back from the city, he was actually a big and happening guy in the village, living a flamboyant lifestyle not minding to show it off to those who cared to see. The young ladies crave for his touch to save their already stolen heart from melting away. Even Olamma and Omo were not left out in the fantasies of Efe.

Omo you don see that fresh man wey just come back to this village?” Ola said tapping her.

“You mean the one wey come back to this village with a brand new motorcycle?” Omo asked.

Yes oooooo, that guy na my type,” Ola said jingling her body. “I will do anything make that guy notice me ooo,” Ola said as they carried their pots of water and headed home from the stream.

Efe on the other hand found love in the hands of simple Ola. No one ever thought that with the numerous young maidens perching around like flies in the village that Efe will get attracted to the local poor Ola and neglecting the beautiful girls that are scattered around the village. It was indeed a grievous war among them but who are they to question the choice of the gods?

“Hello pretty damsels,” Efe beckoned onto Ola and Omo as soon as he encountered them on his way out.

This was a dream come through for Ola for she never thought a day like that will ever come.

“Hello our fine man,” Ola tried forcing out standard English as she smiled mischievously.

“How are you girls today?” Efe asked smiling

“We are very fine sir,” Ola said again “My name is Olamma but you can call me Ọla,” she added as she made an approach to Efe like the daughter of Jezebel.

“That’s nice to hear, what about you sweetie, what. should I call you?” Efe asked turning to Omo

“Oh! She is my friend her name is Omo,” Ola said pointing at Omo.

“I’m sorry miss but I will rather prefer she express herself without the assistance of anyone,” Efe said with a mix feeling of disgust and anger.

My name na Omoyenwen sir, but you fit call me Omo.” This was the only English she could speak because she was unable to complete her primary school due financial constrains.

“That is a sweet name dear. Mine is Efe and I have been seeing you both at the village square and market but have not had the opportunity of talking with you,” Efe completed with sweet smile.

Oga I dey surprise say you even notice me. Me too dey always see you but na with all this fine fine girls ooo,” Omo said shyly.

With all happening in front of her, Ola was unconsciously wishing that the ground open and swallow them both. She was immediately filled with hatred and jealousy for her friend. She knew with the demeanor written all over her face that one can easily suspect that she wishes the duo evil.

“Omo I don dey go oo.” This was what she could manage to spit out before evacuating the place

Like the saying goes, “Anger begets hatred and hatred begets destruction,” Ola was bent on destroying the already growing fruit that Omo and Efe planted on the land of love. She was gradually becoming the villain Omo never had.

Firstly she started avoiding Omo. She would never visit or go to the stream with her as usual. Whenever Omo goes visiting she portrays an attitude that speaks faster than words. Omo discarded this recent developed behavior of her friend for she thought that all was as a result of climatic change in the community but the hatred grew with every passing day.

Ola, how you dey na, why you no dey come my place again?” Omo asked her as soon as she stepped into their compound.

“Nothing ooo, I never get chance to come,” Ola said looking at another direction.

Wetin I do you Ola? You no dey even look my face,” Omo said when she noticed Ola’s reaction.

My friend don’t act like a saint biko, you dey pretend like say you no know how you take snatch my man ba?” Ola said angrily looking at Omo.

Haba Ola, when Efe take become your man na, abi no be me and you follow the day wey him talk to us?” Omo asked innocently.

Hmmm, So you get mind they call me liar for my papa house okwaya! Oya come dey go, alele” she shouted at her friend who look like a lost Beggar.

Omo left and vowed never to step her foot into the compound again, but Ola was really disappointed because all she wanted was for Omo to engage her in an argument that will lead to fight and she gets to give her a lasting scar on her face. This she thought will make Efe leave her if he finds her ugly, and as well accomplish her revenge.

The love between Efe and Omo grew stronger and it spread fast like the cassava leaves to all the nooks and corners of the community. Everyone knew now that the two were lovers and most ladies gave up their dreams of becoming Mrs Efe.

Omo parents and the other assumed that Efe was too extravagant for their daughter and as such a bad influence to her but it was already late for them to talk her out of it for she already had a seed growing inside her.

Omo wetin you dey do there, Why you dey vomit this morning?” her mother asked

Mama I no know,” Omo said acting weak and her face very pale.

Osanovie eeeeeh! Omo you don carry belle,” the mother said as she beat her mercilessly
The deeds was already done. No one needed to question her because everyone knows who planted the growing seed inside her—almighty Efe! There was no other option but for the two lovers to tie the knot and live as married couples.


This was how my parents got married. It’s really a long story but my colleagues at work wouldn’t let me be, since they would always pester me about my parents’ story.

“Ejiro, we have told you about our parents and how they got married but you will never tell us yours,” Abigail said during our lunch break at the restaurant.

“We want to hear yours today ooo,” Mike chipped in.

That prompted me to exhaust my free time in telling them the story they craved to hear. It was exhausting and quite time consuming but I needed to tell them since the interrogation was beginning to get out of hand.

“Oya, everyone lunch is over, get back to work with immediate alacrity,” I said waving my hands for them to take their work positions.

“Small supervisor,” they all chorused as they stood up to resume their different duties.

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