Bad Ass in Love (Episode Nine)

Continued from the last part…


I sighed as I dropped my bag. Today’s been quite stressful; saw my parents in the hospital, took care of Sir John’s mum, and lastly, had a dinner with Sir John. I really enjoyed his company. He’s quite a nice man
I don’t think he can harm a fly… I don’t think so.

I rushed to the bathroom and took a quick bath. I changed into a nightie and took my phone. I played some games until I slept off.

In the morning, I yawned and stood up from my bed. I spread the curtains and walked to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and took two slices of cheese and crackers. I dressed up and took my pendant. I boarded a taxi and stopped by Sir John’s house. I knocked and Sir John opened the door.

“Oh hey!” Sir John said as he opened the door.

“Uhm.. good morning.” I waved at him. “Can I come in?” I asked.

“Oh sure,” he said and made way for me.
I walked in.

“Can I see your pendant?” he said.

“Yeah sure,” I answered and took it off.

He scoffed. “This is mine,” he said. “You took mine yesterday. I understand it’s a mistake, here,” he said and gave me mine.

“Oh. Thanks,” I said with a smile.

“Not a problem. Gotta hit the track,” he said and pecked me. I smiled and I totally became speechless. “I’ll surprise you today,” he said and took his bag.

“By the way. You can order for anything, OK? Just take care of my mum,” he said and left. I totally became mute. He was the most romantic guy I’ve ever seen. He was hardworking. He was caring and had no ego in him unlike Bob. I feel so happy to have him as a friend. Or maybe I wanted something more than a friend, I sighed.

What a world, I thought to myself.


I smiled to myself as I got my pendant back.
Shush! Thank goodness she didn’t suspect any shit. Now. It’s. Time. For. Business.

I started the engine my car and drove to work. I saw Bob enter his office.

“Good morning sir,” I greeted. He turned and neglected me. I scoffed and walked to my office. I kept things in order. Minutes later, a lady came in and dropped a later on my desk.

Before I could react, he had already left.
I opened the later.

Office Of The Executive Director of Bryan Cooperatives, June 22, 2019

Mr. John Eduardo, you’re hereby dismissed from work and asked to return all company’s asset under your possession before evening.

Signed: Bob Bryan, C.E.O.

I gasped and tore the paper. I stormed into Bob’s Office.

“You have no right of worth so ever to tell me trash, OK?” I said as I came closer.

“Who said so” he said looking at me.

“Take back your goddamned proclaimation!” I said.

“And if I don’t?” he asked with a grin.

“The common man is like a sleeping lion. Don’t wake him up or else you’ll be torn apart!” I said and left his office. I walked out and saw the workers staring at me. I was angry and happy at the same time.

For the first time in my life, I felt like a boss.
I walked into my office and took my phone.

“Hey! I got a clean shot for you bro. No mistakes! I need a clean shot, OK?” I said and ended the call. I took belongings and left the office. I took them to my car and dialled the doctor’s number.

“This is John Eduardo. Are they due for discharging?” I asked.

“Yeah. All debts must be cleared today.”

“That’s not a problem,” I said and ended the call. I switched off my phone and drove to the hospital. I paid all debts and took Ann’s parents home.

In the evening, I took Ann’s parent’s home, she was so happy. Everything seemed perfect. I didn’t care about being sacked from my job. Ann made dinner and we all enjoyed it.

“Can I have a word with her?” I asked.

“Yeah. Sure thing son,” her mum assured.
I signalled to Ann and she followed me. We moved to my swimming pool.

“It’s cold out here, you know?” she said.

“Yeah. Uhm… I just… you know, wanted to tell you something you, know. Uhm… Do you have a boyfriend? Oh don’t answer that. That’s silly. Uhm…”

“I love you John,” she said and planted a kiss on lips. I reciprocated with a long and passionate kiss. This is sweet!

“Well played boy.Well played,” I said in my mind.

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