We Are Writers


In an elevated parlance,
we speak from the depths of our hearts.
We are writers,
lovers of imagination and destroyer of worlds.
Poets, novelists and playwrights believed to transcend the conventional minds.
Creating heroes and destroying villains with the power of out thumb.
We are poets,
a few call us bards, provoking imagery to the readers mind with the beauty of our diction.
We are novelists,
telling tales of the rise and fall of men, speaking of countries, philosophies and systems.
We are playwrights,
lovers of folktales and keepers of tradition,
bringing comic relief to the satires of life.
We are writers,
the solace of men in despair.
An elite few that move and shake the art of literature.
We are writers,
peace makers and war starters.
commanders of respect from men,
literary gods in mortal clothing.
I am a writer,
I love my idiosyncrasy.

Dedicated to all the writers around the world.

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