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The Hidden Truth (Part 10)

Continued from the last part…

Morris’s POV

“I have been here for two days, last time I came was to tell her I broke up with Dave, now I have come with a different news, I sniffed and wipe my tears with my hankie.” “You remember when you suggested that we create the team, I agreed and we altogether created the team which was so powerful and we won so many trophies together. Our team was heard of and popular in and out of the school. Do you know what? They are trying to kick all we achieved together out of the basketball teams. But Lily, why did you die? Why did you? Do you know what I have become now? Now I’m not ready to go back Lily, I’m fed up. I’m going to watch all our hardwork go down to drain.” I cried more as I poured out my soul to her. I regret betraying her, I regret listening to Amelia, I regret meeting Dave, I regret being in existence.

Right now, I’m not going back to court. I dropped the rose flower on top of the grave. I stood up and turned to go, I saw Ann staring at me. I ignored her and moved out of the cave. She went after me and called me. Surprisely, I turned to listen to her this time.

“Hi,” I simply greeted with my hands akimbo.

“Are you really leaving the team, are you really leaving what you guys tried hard to build?” she asked me, I just stared without making a noise. She seems angry. Who cares?

“Morris, I’m talking to you!” she shouted.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“What sort of question is that, huh? Why are you like this? Have you forgotten, huh? Have you forgotten how Lily sacrificed most of her time, auditions, careers even her parents for the success of the team? Now you’re going to throw that away and make it look like it was never created. Why are you bent on losing to Amelia again? You’re gonna regret it, I promise. She tried to go and I blocked her.

“I can’t play without Lily, if you’re concerned, you still got the time, do it,” I rudely blurted out and ran towards my car, my driver drove off immediately. I cried all the way home, I went upstairs, locked my room and wept bitterly. It’s still fresh, it seems she as if she died today, all the memories were still fresh. I couldn’t stand it anymore, Lily left me, Dave left me and now Ann? I cried till I slept off.

Dave’s POV

I don’t in anyway know what my dad is talking about, it seems as if he’s speaking Spanish. What’s he saying now? That I should get engaged to Amelia? What sort of stupid talk is that? I, Dave, marry Amelia, I can’t believe this. I laughed so hard that anyone who saw me would think I’ve gone deeper in being mad.

“Why are you laughing? You think I’m telling a joke right now or what?” he asked me.

“Dad, I’ve been a good son to you, I’ve done all you’ve told me to, please do this only one for me, let me be the one to get a wife for myself, and besides we are still young.”

“It’s business son, Amelia’s dad is…”

“Don’t tell me that trash. What are you insinuating dad? Yeah we all know he’s your business partner, must you use me for your business transactions, huh? Let me make it clear to you, I am not going to marry anybody, get that into your head!” I shouted and rushed upstairs. We are friends doesn’t mean that we must get married. Yeah I’m single, but I still have feelings for her, I still love Morris. Gosh!

Morris’s POV

Right now, I’m at home drinking myself out. Today is the day. Lily forgive me for what I’m about to do, I told myself.

Amelia’s POV

“Do you think our plan will work?” Best asked me for the hundredth time today.

“It has started working, let’s have patience,” I answered her.

“Are you sure?” Doris asked.

“Did you see Morris in school today?” I asked them.

“Not sure,” they chorused.

“I sent someone to find out where she is.” My phone rang immediately, it was an unknown number.

“What did you find? I asked curiously.

“I saw her at home, she has been drinking alcohol in her balcony,” the caller replied and cut the call.

“You see? She isn’t coming.”

“You are very smart Amelia, you just succeeded in kicking the group out for good,” Doris complimented.

“Told ya.”

Ann’s POV

Now the bell has been rung, and everyone seated for the meeting, I’ve made up my mind take up the leadership, at least I will do it for Lily. Morris is no where to be found neither is Ava. Talking of Ava, she seems smart and have been into Morris and Lily lately. But where is she now? I thought she wanted to help.

Morris’s POV

There’s traffic and I’m late for school, what will happen now? I hope they’ve not started the meeting. Yeah you all might be surprised, I’m rushing to school because of my dad.

***** *************

“Morris, Morris?” my dad called. I couldn’t answer, I was so drunk. “Morris, just take a look at how miserable you are. You and Lily tried very hard to make up the team and now you’re gonna throw it away.”

“Dad, you don’t understand. I can’t do it. Yes she tried to make it a success. She gave up her career, but dad I can’t do it without her.”

“Listen to yourself, can you just hear yourself,? Lily fought hard, she even refused to travel to USA with her mom, I could remember how Lily slept off while crying because her mom disowned her.”

I stood up immediately, I wonder how fragile I can still be after drinking six bottles of Eagle Stout. I rushed to my room and freshed up, took my car keys, rushed outside, entered my car and zoomed off.


“Now what the heck is going on? I blurted and came out of my car. I met a road safety officer and asked him what happened.

“A taxi driver collided with a bus, now they are fighting,” he said

“Holy shit,” I muttered and entered my car, parked it on a safer road, took my phone and locked my car. I ran off immediately to school.

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