The Day He Won

He was always bullied at school
The butt of many jokes, everybody called him uncool
The class nerd, big clothes and big glasses
The dweeb, always in front, never skipped classes
Not one to fight back, he wasn’t seen as tough
The other kids pushed him around till they had enough
But mind you, this is no suicide story
It’s more of a prologue, a backstory
Because the geeky little nerd would have his day
His back was against the wall, and there would be hell to pay
His classmate had called him out on his glasses and shoes
“Not this again,” he was tired of feeling the blues
Then the bloke picked on his family, that was a big mistake
A barb against his family was impossible to take
On his feet in a thrice, he quickly headed for the loudmouth
Damned the consequences, didn’t care if his plan went down south

He’d teach this kid to watch his tongue
And to learn the difference between right and wrong
As he drew near, he threw a punch with all the strength he could muster
At the jaw of the loudmouth, as the class watched in a cluster
Knocked out, Loudmouth fell to the ground
He walked back to his seat, held the class spellbound
After that, never again was he picked on
The battle was over and in the end he won.

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