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Every hundred years in the land of Art, a young generation of Artians would be chosen to create a new realm, they are to build it to their taste. But it must always be inhabitable. The first realm where the Artians lived was created by four legends.

A long time ago, a young creature named Pencil appeared in the white-land. A land filled with nothing but white. Pencil had being banished by Cosmos and his memory of his home or where he came from was also taken, he felt empty and lost. But he wasn’t alone.

Sharpener, Eraser and Paint and Brush the joined twins, they were always together and never alone even though, they looked nothing alike, these three were also banished to the white-land, with their memories also taken from them.

Each of these creatures were dropped at different part of the realm, so they had to journey alone and forever. But Cosmos had other plans for them. He placed each of them close but far away, so they could still be punished but would serve their sentence together, because at a point, they were bound to meet.

These creatures wandered the white-lands for years and with each passing year, they slowly lost their mind. But one fateful year, Pencil came across Eraser, and they became friends, they went everywhere together and slowly lost their mind together, but they had this unknown bond keeping their sanity about each other in check. Soon the bond was going to be revealed.

One day while Pencil and Eraser were walking around, they met deranged Sharpener, he had completely lost his mind and was running around wildly. He was moving at a fast speed and knocked into Pencil. Sharpener stopped because he felt the pain and looked back, there he saw Pencil sprawled on the white ground groaning. He accused Pencil of hitting him. Pencil felt the injustice and got mad.

He knocked into Sharpener and a fight ensured between both of them. Eraser felt Pencil’s pain through their bond and was worried, she hurried over to him and tried to stop the clash, but she was pushed aside. But during the clash, the color twins were passing by and saw the fight between both Pencil and Sharpener. They wanted to stand and observe, but saw little Eraser being pushed around, they hurried over to help her.

But they had to get around the fight and both were moving around too much, still lost the thought. Paint was knocked over by Pencil and he got detached from Brush and fell to the ground, he hit his head hard and the content in it poured out.

Brush was so angry, he hit Pencil so hard, he was sent flying. Eraser seeing her friend about to become like Paint, quickly rushed to catch him. In a mad dash, she slipped and fell and her vulnerable part was exposed, but as Cosmos would have it, he allowed Pencil fall right in her and both of them were joined together and their memories which were taken was restored. They were both friends and connected at birth back in their home land. The clan of Pencilian and Erasian were very good team mates and friends. So every of their children are always paired up together for life, but due to certain reasons, they both got pulled apart.

They were so happy to meet each other, but they knew what was being done, after all they both always talked about building a shelter, instead of roaming around endlessly. But they need the final piece. Sharpener in his mad actions, mistakenly pushed Brush who was crying over the content of paint with his hairy head bowed, he touch the content and felt whole, also Paint awoke from his concussion, they both got their memories. Pencil and Eraser quickly hurried over to Sharpener, and Pencil used his flat hard head to hit sharpener in his open butt and twisted, twisted and twisted.

Sharpener felt the intrusion, but it felt good, he too twisted and his hazy mind was cleared, he remembered. Pencil pulled his head out and it was not black and with a sharp point.

Quickly! Pencil made a sketch of a house. But it was out of shape, Eraser knew what must be done and quickly erased the image, Pencil tried again and his strokes and lines became better and beautiful, but it was dull. The joined twins hurried over, Brush dipped his head into Paint and moved against the sketch. A beautiful house appeared in the white land, A great difference to the whiteness around.

With his plan in completion, Cosmos blessed Pencil with the gift of giving life and he became the Grand-master of the realm of Art. But this gift would skip many generations and suddenly appear in the hands of a young Pencilian. He then is also sent to another realm and carry out his destiny

Together these four creatures created the first realm and it’s inhabitants, and from there made other realms and worlds. Now the young generation of these four legends are sent to different realm every hundred years.

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