Mindset of a Dejected Soul


Get a cup

Get me a cup
For this place is gone

The people here are gone
Only psychos frolicked

Hand me a cup
A glass cup
Let me gulp down my shame
I’m tired of my existence

Strong hands of ill luck
Lurking around me
Like flies in a dirt

When I try to scream
The strong hands of dejection
And lonesomeness
Overpowers me

Thus am tired
Get me a cup
Of ice water

Let me gulp down
My emotions

Get me a glass
Of cold water…
Let me think of here no more
An alcohol would do that
Let me be here no more

This place is of doom
Where vice and distrust booms
Evil freely moves
Bad vibes, bad manners groom

Get me a knife
I must die here and now

Let me say my goodbyes
And see this place no more

But not I gave myself a life
Why take it?

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