Woke up to face, a surprising
breakfast on bed
With roses red and fresh
surrounding my berth
It was the fragrance that woke me up

My pals and fams
They all know that this is the part I call romantic

If you can do me this as soon as I wake
Or wake me up just to do me this
Your thoughts can’t leave my mind all through the day

For days she has been this way
She knew I was in love with the other her
But she was determined to make me forget her

I told her how deeply I was in love
She told me it was a lie
I told her

that’s the whole truth

She said
I will turn the whole truth to become a lie

She was so furious at the same time mild
Just the way I like them

She’s slowly achieving her goals
But I sure love Mamimo

I do all this for Mamimo
But she has never done one for me
Mamimo come fight for my heart
Is slowly going away
Come hold my hand
She wants to grab it.

(this is beyond a love affair, it has a hidden meaning, can you guess?)

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