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Locking Her Heart (Part 12)

Continued from the last part…

Alicia’s POV

The P.I (private investigator) who I got to know as Mr. Steve, only instilled more fear into me by insisting I get seated for what he has to say. I was anxious and nervous because it was news concerning my parents. I wondered if they made any more deals behind my back or if it was concerning their will which was not to be read until I turned eighteen, it was funny the way they planned my future for me, even who I was going to get married to after college. I guess they thought it was all for my good, anyways enough of the memory lane.

By this time, Rose and Max were already present, I wonder if it was Jason that informed them. No, I really doubt that he would do that, as it seemed he’s not capable of human emotions. Just when I thought it would never come to an end and my questions would not be answered, Mr. Steve finally spoke up, but his words only added to my anxiousness.

“We found new intel on your parents Miss. Riele,” Steve said. “It’s very difficult to believe this could possibly have happened. I and my team are doing everything humanly possible to get to the bottom of this and get justice for your parents,” Steve said looking at me right in the eye.

I was seriously confused, justice? But how? I thought my parents died in a plane crash. I mean, that happens sometimes, right? Or was it the fault of the pilot and he absconded or what?

My head was beginning to hurt as a result of too much thinking and I needed to hear the truth once and for all so I spoke up. “Please, Mister, you need to stop beating about the bush and tell me what happened to my parents,” I said in a strained voice.

“We are still conducting our investigation but all evidence points that your parents accident was in fact not really an accident, rather it was planned. I’m sorry, Miss,” Steve said.

Planned? How could it be possible? I mean they had no enemies I knew of who could possibly want to hurt them. I could not wrap my head around this, so I simply stared into space while Rose and Max spoke to him for sometime. By the look on his face, it was obvious he was determined to find whoever killed my parents. Just the mere thought of them being murdered sent shivers down my spine.

He was finally ready to leave but not before assuring me to bring the killers to justice, which brought a sense of hope at least for me. Immediately he left, Rose and Max comforted me a bit and assured me that the killers would be found and as long as I remained here, I would be safe. All this while Jason remained silent and I could not imagine what was going through his mind.

“Alicia, we’ll be going to bed now, try and get some rest at least. Everything would be alright, that we promise you,” Max assured me.

The air was once again thick as I and Jason stared silently at each other, neither ready to speak.

“Uhm, so wanna watch a movie? We could pass some time away,” Jason said.

I looked at him weirdly because that was the first time ever he spoke to me so casually, kind of like normal person with no hidden agenda whatsoever, no flirty tone and thankfully no babe attached. Surprisingly, after everything that just occurred I could not help but smile. I might as well enjoy this while it lasts then.

“Don’t smile too much, I’m only doing this to cheer you up nothing more. I’ll be back to my usual self tomorrow, babe.”

And I hoped too soon. There he is, the jerk I always knew he was, the one I had grown to know and hate, and worse still, he called me babe again. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had a lot on my mind and that his parents were a few minutes away, I would have slapped him silly on that handsome face of his.

Wait a minute, What did I just say? I could not have called him handsome right? I hate him. Yes, I do, it’s probably the stress of today getting to me, yes that’s all this is, because in my right mind I would never think of him as handsome.

“Earth to Alicia, you there?” Jason said. “I’ve asked you which movie you would like to watch over three times now. Thinking about me perhaps?”

In fact I was, but I was never going to tell him that. Passing him a glare, I took a seat and picked a movie at random which happened to be ‘The Notebook’. I’ve heard of this movie, apparently it’s romantic and gets everyone crying. Well, let’s find out then.

I guess I was tired as I didn’t last up to an hour before feeling drowsy. Guess the stress of today really got to me, I had no idea if I was hallucinating, but the last thing I remember was Jason kissing my forehead and calling me ‘babe’ and the rest was just a blur…


I felt a whole lot better the next day. Just the mere thought of seeing Michelle made me happy though I could not fathom how I could have possibly gone to bed last night, but, oh well, I’d think about that later, for now, it’s school, school, school.

Taking my bath while singing, what can I say? I just love to sing. My morning was great, I decided to go in a jump suit today. I put on my sneakers, got my things and I was good to go. But not before breakfast at least, and saying goodbye to Rose and Max.

Climbing hurriedly down the stairs, I met Rose and Max laughing at something Max had said while munching on some pancakes. Those look delicious, I seriously can’t wait. I heard whistling behind me so I turned, Jason directly behind me and I crashed into his body. Damn, he really smelt nice. His cologne was out of this world and his body felt warm against mine. My face moved on its own accord and I was once again met with his ocean blue eyes. His breath fanned against my face when he spoke. “Well, good morning to you, babe, you look gorgeous and oh, if you wanted to hug me, trust me, you could have just asked. We both know you’re dying to do so.” He smirked.

Calm down, Alicia, you don’t have time for this. You’re in a good mood, you’re happy. Breath in, out. You’re good.

Giving him the finger and my signature glare, I walked away, only to be pulled back by him,he sniffed my hair and whispered into my ears, “One more hug so you’ll never forget babe.”

Kicking him on his foot, I shoved him the finger one more and left leaving him groaning in pain.

Greeting Rose and Max with a sweet smile, I gulped down a cup of coffee as I had lost my appetite, so I decided to leave immediately.

“Have fun dear,” Rose said. Kissing her cheek, I bade her goodbye.

My eyes met with Jason’s once more but he just winked then smirked before speaking up, “Okay then, guess I’ll see you in school babe.”

Groaning, I exited the house. He’s so lucky his parents were there, otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to control myself.

Getting to school wasn’t really hard so I got there quick enough. I decided to get to my locker as I forgot to do that yesterday, before speaking to Michelle. After putting some of my stuff in my locker, I made my way to class.

I bumped into someone, female this time, you could tell by her cologne.

Clumsy Alicia, Gosh.

I got up dusting myself, I was about to apologize as it was obviously my fault but I was greeted with a slap.

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