Life is Beautiful


Birth, death and everything in between
They are all important
Don’t miss anything.
Live everyday one day at a time
Don’t worry about tomorrow
Yesterday you worried about today
And it still turned out bad
So you see, it doesn’t make any difference

Don’t live your life fearing death all the time
If you do, then know that
you died the day you were born.
They say you only live once, I say
Stop worrying or you won’t live at all.

Sing in public for once, not just in the bathroom
Say sorry first, it won’t kill you.
Talk to that girl today, she can only say ‘no’
Fall in love, get your heart broken,
fall in love again, get your heart broken again,
fall again.

Make friends, real and fake, it doesn’t matter
Loose friends, move on and make more
Go to parties,
get drunk and misbehave once in a while.
Try and develop a sense of faith.
Experience it all.

Because life is truly beautiful…

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