Jungle Justice


At Obalende came the cry of thief!
Panic and anger created a furror
The unfortunate one becomes the sacrificial goat
Strangled screams in the face of hostility
Helpless protest swallowed in the storm
They descend on the hapless one as;
Carrion birds feeding on carcass
Bags, stones, tomatoes fly
Create a meeting point on ‘Isaac’s’ face
Pent up anger and frustration
Found an outlet in this ‘just’ cause
No iota of mercy on the faces
Are these beasts in human apparel?
Savagely they administered blows
Brutally they slapped and kicked
The urge to lash out at someone, something
Has now been given a free rein
Innocent he might be, was alien to their thoughts
Bring the rubber! Became a chant.
The frenzied screams from beastly faces
Animal-like in their intensity
Faces grinning maniacally on the hapless ram.
The vision of the hooded skull came into focus
Reminiscence of the past made it all right for a while.
The pain and anguish almost unbearable for this tortured soul
Visions floated merrily across his head
His sweetheart with the potruded belly and the little boy
His heart sought to talk
But the mouth was squeezed shut
One finger weakly lifted in supplication
As he waited for heaven’s call.

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Tee Ha Na is a student of Olabisi Onabanjo University studying English. A lover of books and nature she enjoys her own company when she can have peace and quiet to write to her heart's content. Yet she loves people as well and tries to put a smile on the face of everyone she meets either by smiling, telling jokes or just being herself. Her sole ambition in life is to write, write and keep writing till all the world problems are solved.


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