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Bad Ass in Love (Episode Eight)

Continued from the last part…

John’s POV

I muttered a sorry let him get the fuck outta my office, I opened my laptop and checked the company’s statistics. Impressive. I didn’t care about what he was talking about. Bryan Bradley, your nemesis is here.

I picked up my phone and called Ann. “Hey!” I said the moment she picked up.

“Hey!” she greeted.

“How’s my mum doing?” I asked. She said that mum was okay. “Are you gonna be free today so we could have dinner together?” I asked with high hopes that she would say yes.

“Uhm…my parents, your mum…I’m a bit busy.”

“C’mon, just an hour,” I said.


“C’mon, I’ll double the pay” I said interrupting her.

“It’s not about the pay. I just don’t feel comfortable about this, but if you insist, I will,” she said in a resigned tone.”

“Okay, thanks dear,” I said and end the call.

I stretched my bones and smiled. Sorry, dear Ann. I have no choice, you’re the key to Bob. I’m really loving this game.

Anna’s POV

OMG! I cant believe this, he asked me out! Wait, should I be happy about this? “Mum, I’ll be back. I need to grab something from the mall,” I said to John’s mum. She didn’t say a word rather she replied with a nod. Maybe she’s dumb. I’ve never heard her speak.

I took my phone and jacket and left the house. Oops! My pendant. I ran back and saw two pendants on the dining table, I took one and zoomed out of the house. I boarded a taxi which took to me to my house. I paid the taxi driver and took my belongings from the car and went inside. I dropped my bag on the couch, went to the dispenser and took a glass of water, then I sat down and had a rethink about John and Bob.

I hate Bob, I seriously hate him. John on the other hand, is a good guy, but I don’t actually like him. Gosh, I’m stuck!

What the fuck am I gonna do?

Isabella’s POV

I turned the engine of my red sports car off and stepped out of it. I walked majestically to the to the locker room, all eyes where on me as usual.

“Hey girl,” Clara called me.

“What’s up?” I asked and stuffed my back pack into my locker.

“Nothing much you know, just some geeky guy trying to get my attention and all that kinda crap,” she said and giggled.

“C’mon, let’s hit the class,” I said and she followed me.

I walked into the class as the dummies stared at me. I sat down on my desk and looked at Jones, my boyfriend. He waved at me and I snubbed him. I brought out my phone and headset and played ‘Bartier‘ my favourite music by Cardi B and 21 Savage. I closed my eyes and followed the tunes. I really didn’t give a fuck about anyone.

A teacher walked in and it was my history teacher, Mr. Stupid Bradford. “Remove the headset, Bella!” he yelled at me. I smirked and removed the headset and continued operating my phone. “Stop that, Bella, this is a school and not your parents house for goodness sake!” he yelled again.

“What’s your problem old man?” I snapped at him. I looked at his trousers and noticed a bulge beneath. “Horny bee!” I said to myself and giggled. I turned my eyes to the class and directed their eyes to his trousers. The class laughed and some murmured.

“Leave my class now!” he barked.

I stood from my desk. “Go take care of your horny old self,” I said and left the class. I’m sure the class burst into another round of laughter.

Having rich parents feels good.

John’s POV

I parked my car and turned off the lights. then I loosened my tie and unbuttoned the top of my shirt. I sighed and came down from my car. What a stressful day, from office to having a dinner with Anna. To be honest, Anna is a sweet, good girl, it’s just quite unfortunate that she has to end up being a tool for my work.

I walked in and my mum was not in the sitting room. I checked her room and saw her sleeping soundly. I walked to her and planted a kiss on her forehead, turned off the bedside lamp and walked to the dining room.

I saw the pendant lying on the table. Oh, Thank God! I took the pendant and made to open the locket and found out that it was Anita’s pendant.

Anita had taken mine and left hers. Shit!

What if Anita gets to know the content of the pendant! No…she’ll know I’m making a fool outta her, I can’t risk it. Even if she knows, the information is confidential. Now, I’ll kill her if the need arises.

Read Part Nine.

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