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Ovaries, biologically I have,
So this means I’m feminine.

Because I’m feminine,
I must be ruled by the masculine.

Silent, shrinking I am told to become,
If I say my mind, then my purity I have deformed.

I’m told to be useless, sit at home,
the kitchen you must own.

The ones without ovaries are better,
For testosterone really matter.

Duties and obligations they have stereotyped,
Masculinity, patriarchy must be imbibed.

My ovaries they say might shrink if I strive,
Days upon days I try to survive.

But because I’m feminine, I fail
I’m brought down, I wail.

Even if I dream or aspire,
They say not all I may desire.

For it is like this and not like this,
Who made this rules please?

Wouldn’t I be a liar if I pretend or please you?
Why must I not be myself, is that an issue?

I thought people with ovaries were human too,
Or did the maker of the earth say “it is not true”

Why must I dim my light?
Or has my freedom become your plight?

Why is my femaleness stereotyped,
Why is my mental freedom hijacked?

Sexually I must be appealing,
Yet tempting they say if I’m becoming.

A vessel of lust is only what they expect me to be,
but if I have a dream, they say not too big.

Few appreciate my success,
But many judge my awesomeness

They say intimidating I am,
But God made me who I am.

I cannot throw it away,
Do not let your ego lead you astray.

For femaleness is not weakness,
It is strength and meekness.

No more shall I live by stereotypes,
For in in humanity there are many types.

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