The Salved Theist

When my whole strength was gone
You came, you celestial spirit.
You didn’t give me the spark of life straight away.
You waited while I took charge, smothering my shade.
That thought I heard, ”Is He not the life Himself?”
Guess that provoked you, oh divinity
You returned with all the numen
Flying round and round.
You arrested my cells
You ripped the walls of my heart. Oh! You did.
And finally wrecked my wraith and made that sign
At a nod, my psyche was fixed.
For once again, I received the biological clock,
Ticking. Oh, my heartbeat.
There you go, covering every organ with so much strength and courage
So fast and hurriedly, I became a human again
A human salved by the Almighty and his numen.
I was resurrected, oh yes I was
Can you tell why he didn’t give me the sparkle of life straight away?
Let me help you. He knew He is life Himself, He who defeats death.
The Almighty, the ever living eternal God!

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