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This is a collection of three poems…


In the looms and booms of the night
jaunts of the clouds
trek of the evening
rays of the moon
glittering of the stars…
In the piercing song of the owl
shrieking voice of the cricket and cotton stainers
howl of the wolf
distant bark of the dog
the cry of sirens
the lonely romp of the moon
smokey clouds moving swiftly
confining the moon
which yet illuminates…
Fireflies, dear fireflies
you illuminate the darkest nights
friendly in gentility…
Fireflies, dear fireflies
torch of the darkest hour
beautiful blinkers
confine enormous beauty.
Fly away the broken hearts
the pains and the disgust
that rises with the dust.
Dark tunnel threads
to a light.
The night flies
with the fireflies.
Darkest of hearts it illumines.
Be the fireflies
my love

I Wish to be a Tree

My previous poems
have been about love
hatred and murder
Now I wish to write my wish…
It’s but my honest wish.
I hope it be granted.
I wish to be planted.
I wish to be a tree.
I’d be alone but free.
I’d be tall and proud
buttressed deep down in ground.
Come oh ye birds,
in my broad comforting branches perch.
Assemble ye, for I am but a church.
Come forth
you beasts of the field.
Come ye, oh family, here you shall yield.
It’s raining, oh man.
Come to me. Shelter shall I give you.
I’ll shade you as much as I can.
Come to me, oh beasts of the field
for its shining.
I’ll shade you
and make your temperature cool.
Follow my roots to the stream.
There you shall drink and swim.
My sweet fruits shall fall
whenever you are hungry.
My trunk is there
if you must scratch your back.
You can have my leaves
You herbivores.
Eat my fruit
oh ye carnivores.
Have my bark, oh man.
Have your medicine.
It lies in the hollow of my cells.
Your health rings a bell.
Stand on my broad shoulders
my precious bird of the air.
Let the breeze blow you.
It’s free and fair.
Let it caress your hair
precious animal.
Beasts of burden
beasts of the field
take refuge in me.
Sleep when you are weak.
When the current is taking you away
grab my root
hold me tight
for I’m ready to serve.
When the wind is blowing fiercely
hold onto me tightly
for I am ever ready to help.
I shall be your resting place
when fatigue calls.
I shall be your playmate
whenever you are alone.
Follow my roots to the stream.
There you shall sip and swim.
Wash yourself and wash your face.
Wash away the sins of yesterday.
Wash away the dirt.
Leave your regret to yesterday.
Embrace me, oh friends
my special family.
Let us wine and dine.
Let us be merry.
This should be
your daily routine
But I have a feeling
an ill feeling
that I’ll be cut
that I’ll be cut by humans
for production, many trees.
For humans are handy.
I wish only to be a tree
to make the world free.
I wish to make the world rich
in love….

Find Me

Scale through the leaves in the open field.
Comb the bushes in the woods.
Maybe your search will yield
if you are good enough.
Follow the butterfly dancing
I might be in the flowers relaxing.
Follow the bird up into her nest.
That might be my place of rest.
Follow the tides far and wide.
Maybe with them swells my pride.
Open your window; gaze at the star.
Make me an eternal scar
so that when you watch the stars
you’ll see my face among those distinct smiles.
At dawn you hear the bird singing.
I might be close clinging
onto the dark blue skies
chasing away the moon
for I must find where she hides
and I must soon
follow the moon to the far deep nights.
I might be in fright.
Save me from my plight
and bring me to your light.
Find me in the distance.
Find me in the skies.
Find me in your heart.
I dwell in the land of your heart…

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