That I May Not


That I may not be thrown into the wind. I journey through the coast of life’s grumpy sea
Lingering like the waves of a thunder’s beat
Yet while growing like a live pea’s succulent bud
I pause in staccatos of eureka
Wondering, in wonders; the cloak of life’s beat!

Many thanks to life’s salient jumpy rhythm
She has taught me how to climb safely through
Steepy groves, slippery mounts and violent seas
I rest my head in blue-rays of rivers
Dwelling safely beyond supernal bliss

Whilst threading alphabeta’s groovy walls
Building a future greater than bricks strength
Let me smile safely, yet in sports of joys
With slient cries on proposed success bridge.

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I'm Philip, passionate and dodged about writing and self development. I love viewing the raw part of life and penning it down. I love writing stories about events, putting it in the shortest details as possible. I'm an aspiring journalist who sees everything around him intriguing and making stories out of nowhere. In life, I live to dream higher, so that at least if I can't get there, I would still be high. You will surely love my works whenever you read.


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