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Locking Her Heart (Part 11)

Continued from the last part…

Alicia’s POV

I clearly remember bumping into someone then hitting my head on the wall, but the events after that were a little blurry. I woke up on a make-shift hospital bed, make-shift because it had everything like a hospital does but I knew I wasn’t in a hospital. The pain at the back of my head had greatly reduced.

Michelle entered a few minutes later and she was relieved to see I was okay, sadly she had to go home in time but she promised she would check up on me the next day, but not after filling me on the details of my accident. The fact that jack helped out did not in any way make me dislike him less, but I really needed to see this Matt guy who I apparently bumped in on. I hope I didn’t cause him too much stress.

After Michelle left, I laid down to rest for sometime, but I heard murmurs and whispers followed by the knob twisting and there after, Jason and Jack entered with the guy I presumed was Matt given his facial expression. Are all the guys In this school hot?

Matt was just the perfect definition of hot, he had blond hair which fell a little bit to the side, his hands were in his pockets and I could see he was nervous. We needed to talk but not with these two around, so I spoke up and tried to get them to leave but Jason only infuriated me more by calling me ‘babe’.

Usually, I’d be flattered if a guy called me that but Jason, I actually felt like ripping his head off when he calls me that. They finally left but not before me giving Jack a piece of my mind. I could see he expression was a mixture of shock and surprise as well as sadness when I hinted about what he did to Michelle, guess he wasn’t expecting us to get so close on our first day. Well, joke’s on him then.

The air in the room suddenly became so small when they left and Matt and I looked at each other not knowing what to do. I decided to speak up and clear the air.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“I’m sorry,” Matt said.

We both laughed so hard after that, it was mere coincidence we said it at the same time. He was a bit less nervous and he actually smiled at me, I smiled back and I actually noticed he looked cute while he smiled.

“Uhm, I think you should go first,” he said still smiling.

“I’m extremely sorry for bumping into you, I guess I still don’t know my way around as it’s my first day. I hope I didn’t cause you too much trouble,” I said with an apologetic look.

“No. Seriously, I should be the one apologising, I closed my eyes and that’s probably why I didn’t see you, so it’s totally my fault,” he said still smiling.

“Uhm, no, it’s my fault. What can I do to make it up?” I asked.

“Seriously, it’s okay. I’m just glad you’re fine now,” he said. “But if you really feel like making it up, how about you and your friend have lunch at our table tomorrow?” he asked hopefully.

“Uhm, I don’t know about Michelle, but I’ll be glad to have lunch with you. I’ll inform her tomorrow and I’m sure she’ll agree,” I said with a smile.

“That’s great then, I should probably get going now before Jack and Jason get back. They seem to be really protective of you,” he said but this time his smile dropped a little.

I wondered why he would think they are protective of me, I mean that’s impossible. Jack, maybe because we shared a bond but Jason he hates me as much as I hate him because of this stupid arranged marriage. God I almost forgot about that, well the plan is still on, I have to make him hate me so he’d tell his parents he didn’t want to marry me and I really hope they’ll listen to him because I would rather die than marry Jason, it would never happen.

Never say never Alicia.

My thoughts were filled of how I would possibly make Jason despise me so so much, when the door knob twisted again. “Ah, speak of the Devil,” I said thinking aloud.

“Oh, I’m so flattered, babe, but I’m not the devil. Trust me, I’m much worse,” he said with his signature smirk.

I glared at him hard like I wanted to kill him and I seriously did.

“If you’re done checking me out now, we should get going, the school is deserted. Oh, and if you aren’t done, take a picture it would definitely last longer,” he said smirking.

“Trust me, Jason, even if you were the last fish in the sea, I would never, mark my words, never fall for you.” I said to him.

I wasn’t done with him yet he was really going to get it, but his actions really shocked me once more, he came closer to me like really really close, seriously he has no respect for personal space. I tried to push him off but he only caged my hands, my breathing hitched and I felt myself getting nervous, what is wrong with you Alicia? Try to get free! My subconscious screamed at, me but my body had a mind of its own as I did no such thing but rather stared into his blue eyes and found myself getting lost in them. His eyes lingered on my face, then my lips and he moved closer and closer until we were merely inches apart.


If anyone had ever told me that I would be in this position with Jason Zac, I would have recommended a psychiatrist to that person. But here we were, Jason Zac only a few inches away from my face and it was like I was paralyzed, I could neither move nor speak. I only stared deep into his eyes like I was trying to figure him out.

Push him away! My subconscious continuously screamed at me, but it was as if I wasn’t ready to listen as my body now had a mind of its own, and Jason kept coming closer until I could feel his breath on my skin and it sent tingling sensations down my spine. His breath kept fanning me and his eyes lingered on my lips once more, he leaned in and I did the most absurd thing ever, my eyes shut on their own accord, fluttering open once more when I felt myself getting lifted off the bed.

This was enough to get me out of any trance, here was Jason Zac carrying me bridal style to God knows where. I contemplated screaming but I knew that would only bring more unwanted attention to myself so I kept shut, memorising the various curses I would pour on him. He finally put me down after sometime and I realised we were already at the school gate.

“So babe, you aren’t as heavy as I thought,” he said.

I was just going to scream and shout at him but him calling me babe just took my anger to a whole new level.

I summoned all the anger I had in me and I slapped him, I slapped him so hard that I was sure it would leave my handprints even till the next morning. Picking up my bag which was conveniently left near where we stood, I walked in the direction of my new found home leaving a stunned Jason behind.

I looked back to see he wasn’t there anymore. I scoffed, who cares anyway? I looked forward to continue my journey but there he was, still smirking, right in front of me. An involuntary gasp escaped my lips in sheer fright as it was humanly impossible for him to have caught up with me so fast but he was Jason, nothing seemed impossible to him these days. But I was not going to give him the satisfaction of knowing he scared me or annoyed me by walking closer to him. So I plugged in my headphones and played a random song from my playlist which happened to be by Dua Lipa once more. I got caught up in the song and sang out loud.

Tell me I’m crazy, you can’t tame me can’t tame.
Guarantee I can blow you mind, muah! I sang out.

“Trust me, babe, there are a thousand and one ways I could tame you,” he said. “Oh, and if you want to kiss me, you can just ask. I would be glad to,” he winked.

I could not help but chuckle at this and at the same time get angrier. Doesn’t he get the fact that I don’t want to get close to him? I can’t even stand the mere sight of him. Oh Jason, how I hate you so so much.

I quickened my pace so I wouldn’t have to endure this for much longer but that only seemed to amuse him more.

Finally, the gate was in sight and I smiled as I entered feeling elated about my first day in school.

It was obvious there was no one inside except the security guards but that would not be a problem, I would just lock myself in my room and bury myself in my novels, at least until Rose gets back then I can tell her about my day especially about Michelle as well as Matt.

Speaking of Matt, it would be really nice to have lunch with him and his friends. I smiled to myself at this thought, I really hoped that they would be nice though and I also have to tell Michelle about it before lunch break.

“Why you smiling babe? Thinking about me?” he asked with his usual smirk.

I’ve seriously had enough of Jason for one day, I needed some rest. Getting up to my room, I twisted the knob of my door, entered and was about to slam it shut when the jerk used his leg to block the entrance thereby giving him the opportunity to enter before shutting it.

“What in heaven’s name are you doing here haven’t you annoyed me enough?” I was almost hysterical.

“Nope, trust me, babe, I’m yet to begin,” he said.

“Get out right this instant, Jason, before I do something you would regret!” I screamed.

“Oh, I’m shivering,” he said in a mocking tone.

“I seriously don’t have time for this, you want the room? All right, you can have it because I’m out of here,” I said with a note of finality and headed for the door. I stopped in my tracks when he spoke.

“We need to talk about our marriage,” he said with a tone of sarcasm.

“Like I said, jerk face, I can’t stand you so what makes you think I’ll even marry you?” I asked.

“Well, my parents want it, your parents wanted it, oh and I’m smoking hot,” he finished.

“You might be hot as you say, but that won’t stop me from hating you,” I fired.

“Seriously, Alicia, remind me again why you hate me. The last time I checked, we were friends when we were little so why change now?” he asked.

“We were friends until you made me hate you, until you changed completely, until you broke me. You seriously don’t remember why I despise you?” I asked.

“No, Alicia, I don’t. Last I checked, I’d never done anything to hurt you, never, Alicia,” he said with a hint of sadness.

Who am I kidding? He’s a jerk he can’t be sad, and he’s seriously gonna pretend he doesn’t remember, gosh! That only made me hate him so much more. But the memories of what he did also came crashing down on me. “Get out, Jason,” I said my voice breaking now.

“Alicia talk to me, at least tell me why you hate me…”

“Get out, Jason!” I screamed on the brink of tears.


“Please, Jason, just this once, listen to me, go pls…” I said as the tears came down. He looked shocked, scared but mostly curious but thankfully, he respected my wishes and left.

As soon as he was out, I slammed the door shut, fell on the bed cried into my pillow until I slept that way.


I woke up to the sound of a soft knock on my door, I knew for a fact it could not be Jason, last I checked he isn’t civil enough to knock on any door, and after our little encounter I really doubt he’ll talk to me so soon. But he is Jason, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I got up, cleaning up the dried tears on my face and sprinkling some water, I twisted to knob to see a smiling Rose. Finally, she’s back. I couldn’t wait to tell her about everything, well not everything of course. I’ll have to skip some details, the thought of this alone brought a smile to my face as I pulled her in for a tight hug while bringing her in, then quietly shutting the door. I could not stop smiling and she chuckled then spoke up.

“So I assume your first day was good, given the expression on your face.” Rose beamed.

“It was the best! I made a new friend Michelle and she’s the absolute best. I also got acquainted with someone, Matt, oh we’re having lunch tomorrow with some of his other friends,” I summarized.

“Are you sure it’s your first day? Because you sure had a lot of time to do a lot things. Oh, and I hope Jason helped you out in any way he could, he could a jerk sometimes.”

I could not help but laugh at this, at least, that’s makes two of us. “Well…” Strange to say I didn’t want to tell her about my accident, because that would mean telling her about Matt. The other side story of Matt, how we really got acquainted and Jason and our almost kiss. It wasn’t really a proposed kiss as he probably just wanted to distract me long enough to do whatever was in his mind, which was to carry me. I mean, who does that?

“Well, yeah I had a lot of free time today, I guess and Michelle helped me out a lot so I didn’t really need to ask for his help,” I said.

“Well, if you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask Jason or even me and his dad, we’ll be glad to help. Oh, and one more thing, we’ll be having dinner in a few minutes, I would really like if you Join us,” Rose said as she got up to leave.

I could see she really wanted me to join them but dinner with them would mean I would have to tolerate Jason in front of the whole family, but then again, they’d been so nice to me I could not find it in my heart to refuse her wish. I’ll just concentrate on my meal and avoid any eye contact with him. In fact, I’m sure he won’t even show up like last time. I really hope so. With that in mind, I was relieved a bit

“Uh. OK I’ll be down with you guys in a few,” I said to Rose and she smiled.

I got my things ready for school tomorrow, as I would be extremely tired to do it after dinner. I changed my outfit to something simple yet classy and made my way down the stairs for dinner. I really am clumsy as I slipped on the stairs, I closed my eyes and expected the immense pain that would come when my body hit the ground. I waited one second, nothing. Two seconds, nothing. Am I dead already?

“You can open your eyes now, babe,” Jason said.

Oh, you have to be kidding me, my eyes fluttered opened to see Jason firmly holding me by the waist and my hands unconsciously on both sides of his shoulders. He hoisted me back to my feet then smirked and left me standing there clueless…

Stupid Alicia! What happened to avoid Jason? and I thought that after our encounter, he wouldn’t even want to talk to me. I actually thought I had finally succeeded in making him hate me, oh jeez, yet I only seem to amuse him more and more, this is seriously bad, this has to stop. I have to pretend like what just happened didn’t affect me in any way, I won’t give him the gladness of knowing he affects me in ways, I’m supposed to hate him and I do.

I made my way to the dinning room keeping a straight face, my face fell when I realised the only available seat was close to Jason, like really close, this wasn’t the arrangement yesterday. I’m pretty sure he had something to do with this, damn you, Jason. So much for avoiding him I guess, I quietly took my seat beside him careful not to make any direct contact with him. I smiled at Max (Jason’s dad) and carefully served myself some food and started eating. I seriously needed to get out of here as soon as possible.

“Could you pass me the water, babe?” Jason asked.

OMG, did he just call me babe in front of his parents? Oh God that’s so embarrassing, I will kill you Jason. I can’t imagine what they must think of me right now, how would I even face them? I looked up to see them grinning. Wait, why are they happy about this? Aren’t they supposed to scold us or something?

“I see you two are getting closer,” Rose and Max said together then smiled at each other.

“That’s really good to see,” Max said still smiling.

“Well, yeah once you really get to know her she’s pretty fun to be with and I enjoy every moment with her. Isn’t that right, babe?” Jason nudged me.

I almost chocked on the water I was sipping when he finished. Could he embarrass me more? Oh Jason, how I wish I could hit you right now, you’ll probably end up in the hospital.

I quietly forced a smile at every one, in order not to make a bigger scene. Thankfully I finished my meal minutes later, thanked everyone and was about to leave when Max interrupted me. “Alicia, don’t just go up and get some rest, it’s still a bit early, why don’t you stay with Jason for a while, hmm?” he smiled.

Oh no… This is seriously bad, it’s like the universe hates me, I just wanted to stay away from him, If I said yes, Jason would get the opportunity to annoy hell out of me, but If I said no, they’d be suspicious because Jason already portrayed us as really really close friends.

“Uh, yeah. I think I’ll stay down for a few more minutes,” I said.

“Great! There are a lot of books you could read, my favourite would be ‘The Assassin’ by Author Bella. It’s really a great novel,” Rose said.

“Okay, I think I’ll check them up. Thanks, Rose, thanks Max, the meal was great,” I said before leaving, thinking of ways to avoid Jason for the next one hour at least.

I got the novel Rose recommended and started reading when Jason plopped down beside me.

“So, babe, what do you have in mind?” he asked.

“How many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me babe, Jason? You’re seriously getting on my nerves,” I said hotly.

“Trust me, annoying you is my favourite pastime, babe,” he said stressing the ‘babe’ part.

“I swear to God, Jason, if it wasn’t for your mom and dad, I would kill you right now so leave me the hell alone,” I said

“Uh, I would consider leaving you alone but we kinda have unfinished business,” he said smirking now.

“I have no business what so ever with you so please go away.”

“Yes, you do.”

“No, I don’t.”

“Yes, you do,” he said coming closer.

“No I don’t,” I said shifting away. History won’t repeat itself, not on my watch.

He reached out and pulled me closer to himself and whispered ever so quietly, “You do babe, because I see absolutely no reason why you should hate me, or maybe you love me and you are using that to cover up,” he said with a chuckle.

“Love you, ha! Okay, let’s say I do love you, have you ever heard the saying, ‘No matter how much you love someone, hate would always be stronger?’ That best defines us, Jason, I hate you so leave me alone, will you?”

“Good, babe, we’re making progress. You just admitted your undying love for me,” he said winking.

I was about to defend myself when I heard the door bell ring. Groaning, I got up to get it but not before giving him the finger and a massive glare to which he only chuckled.

I twisted the knob and was surprised to see a man in a coat, he seemed strangely familiar to me, but I guess not. He introduced himself as a private investigator and I asked to come in.

Immediately he entered, he asked if I was Alicia Riele. I told him I was.

“You’re Alicia Riele, in that case you might want to sit down for this. It’s about your parents, we found new intel.”

To be continued…

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