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Keeping Up With Trisha (Episode Two)

Continued from the last part…


I got pissed then made to stand up but my ankle was hurting me. I cried out in pain then I heard the annoying guy chuckle. I tried walking, but my ankle hurt more, then I took off my wedge and held it in my hands. The annoying guy still didn’t offer to help instead he walked out.

I staggered out of the parking lot crying in pain, when a handsome guy came out of no where.

Oh! He must be my guardian angel.

“What happened to you?” he asked in concern.

“I sprained my ankle.”

“Lemme help,” he offered and before I could say ‘Jack Robinson’, he hoisted me up from the ground and carried me bridal style. It was awkward and I felt embarrassed as students gathered gossiping and taking pictures of us.

“Hey! Put me down,” I said in a whisper trying to hide my embarrassment.

Shhh! You can’t walk,” he hushed then walked into a long corridor

“Where are you taking me? I need to see the principal.”

“Not like this,” he replied then came to a door that was written ‘Clinic’. He pressed a button and the door opened automatically. He carried me in and placed me on a bed.
“Wait here,” he said then walked out and returned almost immediately with a nurse

“What happened to her?” the nurse asked him.

“I fell and sprained my ankle,” I replied instead.

“Let me see,” she said then I stretched out my leg and she held my foot then twisted it right to left repeatedly.

“It’s gonna be fine, it’s nothing serious,” she said.

“But she can’t walk.”

“I’ll recommend a wheelchair.”

“What? On my first day at school?” I protested.

“Just for today so you wouldn’t have to stress your ankle.”


“Thank you,” I mouthed as he pushed me out of the clinic in a wheelchair.

“You’re welcome. By the way I’m Chase,” he introduced himself. “Chase Dalton,” he completed.

“I’m Trisha Anderson.”

“You’re new here?”


“I’ll take you to the Principal’s office.”

“No you don’t have to. You’ve helped me a lot. I’ll be fine,” I protested.


“Yes. Thanks a lot.”

“You don’t have to thank me,” Chase said with a smile then walked out.

Wait! I don’t know where the principal’s office is.

“Chase,” I called but he was already gone.

Aish! What kind of badluck is this?” I asked myself as I ruffled my hair in frustration

“Hello…you look lost,” a brunette-haired girl said walking up to me.

“I’m new here and I can’t find my way to the Principal’s office.”

“Okay I’ll help you. You can’t walk?”

“I sprained my ankle this morning.”

“OK. I’m Eva Bobbler,” she introduced herself.

“Trisha Anderson.”

Eva smiled sweetly then pushed my wheelchair to the principal’s office. When we were in, I tactically scanned his office with my eyes while he gave me the school map, my time-table, and books.

“You’re welcome to Starshine High,” the Principal said with a smile that showed his artificial gold tooth.

“Thank you sir,” I replied as I studied the tooth.

Eva bowed slightly then pushed my wheelchair out of his office.

“What do you have now?” she asked when we were outside the Principal’s office.

“Theatre Arts,” I replied.

“Guess you’re an art student.”


“I’m a science student, so I’ll be going now.”


“You’re welcome. Bye Trisha see you at lunch.”

“Bye Eva.”

I heaved a sigh then wheeled my chair to the Theatre room with the help of my map. I opened the door and I was hearing voices, I took a peek into the room and some students sat around the stage while some where acting on the stage. I quitely opened the door fully and wheeled my chair inside. That was when I saw the annoying guy I bumped into earlier. He was acting on stage with a beautiful girl and they were acting ‘Romeo and Juliet’ my favourite Shakespeare

“You’re late” I heard someone yell then I turned to see the teacher, a lady in her early thirties scowling at me.

“I’m sorry I had an accident when I got here,” I tried explaining but my voice wasn’t audible.

“Send her out,” the arrogant guy told the teacher with a wink then she blushed and turned to me.

“Get out!”



I fought the urge to cry as I took a glance at the arrogant guy but he just had an annoying smirk on his face. I wiped my tears and wheeled out my chair,

“Hey! Why are you crying?”

I looked up to see who spoke. “Eva I was sent out of the class,” I sniffed.


“ ‘Cause I was late.”

“You shouldn’t be crying over that.”

“It was all his fault.”


“The arrogant jerk.”


“Never mind.” I faked a smile.

Eva shrugged then pushed my wheelchair down the hallway.

“Would you like to…” Eva was still speaking when the bell rang. “There would be no need for that it’s lunch time,” she added gleefully. then pushed my wheelchair to the cafeteria.
“I’ll go get us lunch,” she said as she stopped me on a table then walked out.

I studied around as I saw students carrying their trays about looking for tables then suddenly I felt someone smash ice cream on my face and I looked up in rage and it was the arrogant jerk.

“Sorry you’re just too too tiny to see,” he mocked then walked out.

“This is it…”

To be continued…

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