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In Her Mocassin (Part 8)

Continued from the last part…

Nicola’s POV

“I hate that girl,” I said to Michelle, Amy, Nora and Nicole.

We were in our gym lockeroom changing into our ballet dresses which comprised of a yellow shirt and flared black skirt.

“Which girl?” Michelle asked, feigning ignorance.

“How could that rag do such a thing to me? Who does she think she is?” I ranted, ignoring Michelle’s stupid question.

“Nicola, take it easy. You know she’s very stupid and lacks the common sense to know that when the rich can’t get something, church rats like her shouldn’t even dream of getting it,” Amy consoled.

“That’s true. Didn’t she know that she isn’t supposed to answer a question that a rich and beautiful girl like you didn’t want to answer,” Michelle put in. Trying to make me feel better by saying “Didn’t want to answer” instead of “Couldn’t answer.”

Though it sure didn’t make me feel any better.

“What do you expect from a tiny-brained riffraff like her? Nicole put in.

“Tiny brained? If she was tiny-brained, it would have been better. The thing is a brainless fool,” Nora countered.

As we were talking, I heard footsteps and I looked through the door into the main gym and saw the devil herself approaching.

The moment she stepped in, Nicole said in a loud voice, “Talk of the she-devil and the she devil appears.”

Natalie’s POV

Heading towards the gym’s lockeroom and seeing the very people I didn’t want to see made me falter in my steps.

I knew that they’ll surely find insulting words to throw at me. I just hope I don’t snap and do something I might regret in future.

So, taking a deep breath and bracing myself, I advanced the room.

As I was about to enter, I heard either Nicole or Nicola say, “Talk of the she-devil and the she devil appears.”

I didn’t know when tears welled up in my eyes.

Why won’t these girls just let me be? Why do they take pleasure in hurting others? Don’t they have any conscience? I wondered.

I took a deep breath and pushed the tears back. I decided to behave as if I hadn’t heard what they’d said. So, I walked to my locker and started rummaging in it for my ballet dress.

Nicole’s POV

I saw the SG coming and I said, “Talk of the she-devil and the she-devil appears.” I saw tears well up in her eyes and I felt something in my heart. Was it pity? I don’t think so. Why would I pity that trash? I decided to ignore the feeling.

We all burst into laughter and I even laughed the loudest. Oh, what a crybaby.

She went towards her locker and started rummaging in it for her own dress.

Then, Michelle suddenly spoke up. “OMG,” she then gripped her nose and scrunched her face in mock disgust. “Something smells like rotten eggs.”

We all got the message and held our noses as well.

“Not just rotten eggs, but sewage eewww.” Nora put in.

Then I started scratching my body “Oh my, my body itches. Perhaps someone haven’t had a bath since she was born and flies are following her. Those flies must be causing the itch.”

“Girls lets get outta here before we suffocate,” Michelle said. We then walked out laughing, leaving the SG in tears.

Natalie’s POV

Sewage… Rotten eggs… Haven’t had a bath… Flies. Hurtful words that brought tears to my eyes.

Well it’s just a matter of time, I thought.

I finished dressing up, put on my ballet shoes and wobbly walked out of room. Ugh what kinda shoes are these? I just hope I don’t fall and embarrass myself.

That would so not be good.

To be continued…

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