I Think

Michelle thinks I have a high IQ.
I think her own is higher than mine.
Ify thinks I’m a role model to her,
I think she’s honest and nice

Daniel thinks I’m bisexual, and a bit smart
I think he knows how to make money
Oxlaid thinks I have many girlfriends,
I think he’s delusional.

Esther thinks I’m unique, and a bit annoying.
I think she’s the strongest girl I know.
Spartan thinks I can’t talk to girls,
I think he likes buying expensive things.

Olivia thinks I’m naughty and multi-talented.
I think she has a good heart.
Maybe the best I’ve seen so far.
Sanchez thinks I’m smart, focused
And that I can hold my liquor.
I think he’s like a brother to me, and I also think he likes girls a little too much

Daphne thinks I’m weird, and that I think outside the box.
I think she’s social, jovial and likes to party.
Prisca thinks I have a bright future.
I think she’s special and beautiful

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