The Hidden Truth (Part 9)


Continued from the last part…

At Mr Johnson’s Residence

Mrs. Johnson’s POV
“Honey, are you sure Mr. Lucas will agree to your proposal?” I asked my husband as we were taking our breakfast.

“He will. The question here is: does Dave love Amelia?”

“I don’t know but I think they will know each other more and love each other as they get married.”

“I’m off to work, we can discuss that later at night. But for now, you got to talk to Amelia to be very careful, she’s becoming more saucy as the day passes by.”

“She will darling, she’s still a kid.”

“I don’t care about that. Is that how she will get Dave to marry her?” he asked kissing me goodbye and left. I just ordered the maids to clear the tables and rushed upstairs to my room.

Amelia’s POV

“Do you think our plan will work?” Best asked me as we were discussing in my room. I sat on top of my bed with my laptop as usual while Doris and Best sat on the cushion beside the window. Doris eyes were focused on her phone while Best had a novel with her, I wondered what she learns from those stupid novels she reads all the time. Sometimes I get pissed off seeing her reading them beside me.

“It has started working out already, just relax. This time, I’m gonna wipe off everything about Morris,” I replied her.

“You still have grudges against her, while she’s not even fighting with you,” Best said pissing me off, Doris just laughed.

“Sometimes, I wonder whether you use your head or something like that. You are just… I don’t know what to call you Best. Morris stole my man, she knows I had a crush on Dave and she stole him, I will so deal with her!” I shouted.

“Talking of Dave, he has become a womaniser, sleeping with women that come around him. Now that new girl is his target,” Best said again and Doris bursted into laughter. This girl is biting more than she can chew.

“What’s the meaning of that? Why are you insulting my man?” I asked angrily.

“Your man? You said your man? Your man that I saw going over to the garden house yesterday, he was talking to Morris. Chill girl, he doesn’t love you.”

“Wait a minute, talking with who?” I asked her. Seems like it was the only thing I heard from her just now.

“Morris of course.” Doris looked on, I shut my eyes and opened them again. Even a blind man will see I have gotten angrier than before. I needed to calm down. I stood up immediately and rushed into my bathroom with my phone. I looked at the standing mirror, I could see myself sweating.

“You again, Morris,” I muttered loudly. My phone rang immediately, I picked it up, it was an unknown number. “What did you find?” I asked curiously.

“She wasn’t in school and someone told me she was at Lily’s grave since yesterday. I don’t think she is going to be in school tomorrow.”

“Good. I will send you some cash now. But you have to do another job for me.”

“What’s that?” he asked.

“The new girl in school, keep your eyes on her.”

“Yes boss, sure,” he said and I cut the call. I dressed myself and went into my room. I couldn’t see Doris and Best again. They must have left. I just lay on my bed thinking of how to get rid of Morris once and for all.

Dave’s POV

“Sir, what would you like to take?” I heard the coffee attendant SAY. I looked up and it was she, yeah the cute dog. Her eyes widened as soon as she saw ME.

“You!” we shouted together pointing at each other.

“What are you doing here?” I asked smiling.

“I should be asking you that. Wait a minute, are you following me now?” she asked me and I started laughing. She’s crazy to ask me that.

“Following you? Hahaha, crazy girl. Why should I follow you around? In fact, who are you to ask me such question?” I asked and she rolled her eyes. I just noticed she has this cute eyebrows too, she’s such a pretty girl. I loved taunting her, she’s so beautiful just like Morris, the first day I met her. “Look, that you are beautiful doesn’t mean you are the type of girl I would love to go out with,” I just said and I looked at her from head to toe and noticed she was on apron. “Are you working?” I asked amused.

“It’s none of your business fool,” she fumed.

“Ava, come and help me with this,” an older woman shouted. I looked up, it was a woman who looks like someone I know. I can’t remember where and how I met her, she so much looks young and pretty just like Ava. But I think I have met her before.

“Yes mom. I’m coming,” she replied and left immediately.

So that’s her mom, they even own this shop, I smiled widely thinking of making it a routine to come here everyday. I kept looking at Ava, she’s beautiful and has a sexy body.

“My mom has been disturbing me to attend to you, what would you like to take?”

“Get me chilled drinks first,” I answered and she left quickly avoiding eyes contact with me.

My phone rang and I picked it up, it was my father, he must have heard I left home angrily. I think the maids told him. I’m no more angry, Ava just made my day without even knowing.

“Come back home, young man,” he shouted into the phone.

“I’m coming,” I answered calmly and left.

Ava’s POV.

I’ve been disturbing Ann to tell me about Morris but she refused. I mean what were they hiding from me? Or why would they hide it from me, since I will still be in school?

“This is the one of the reasons I came back here, so…”

“Do you want to know why I refused to tell you about Morris?”

“No why?” I asked.

“I’ve something to show you, follow me,” she dragged me out of the class. I followed her to a very lonely place. I wondered if this place was part of the school. The place was so quiet and no human being was seen. It was only a building infront of us, it was dirty and and unkempt probably it had been deserted for long.

“What is this place?” I spoke out.

Ssssh, don’t talk,” she said as we went nearer to the door. She brought a golden key and inserted it to the small opening and the door creaked open. We went in silently, everywhere was dark, and switched on my phone’s light, she collected my phone from me and went deeper and switched on the light.

“Wow, a basketball court Ann. It’s dirty and dusty too. What are we doing here?” I asked her and she looked at me.

“Ava, Morris’s dad built this place seven years ago, she was the founder of the basketball team white with the help of Lily.”

“Who’s Lily?” I asked with my hands akimbo.

“I’m coming to that, I have more to show you.” She went straight to the extreme part of the hall, I followed her. She bent down, I just watched her as she brought another key, I continued watching her closely. She inserted the key down to a small opening and it opened, I was amazed.

“Don’t tell me there’s another room down there.” She nodded, she lifted the door and there were stairs leading down. She looked at me and smiled.

She switched on the light and I could see so many pictures, trophies, balls, jackets and sneakers, I noticed one of the pictures was closed with a curtain.

“Sit,” she ordered and I sat down, she went straight to the table, brought out a magazine and gave it to me. I flipped the first page and saw Ann, she looks so young and beautiful, then Morris who was smiling so beautifully. So this girl can smile? Then a girl, she was wearing a white gown.

“She’s Lily,” Ann told me.

“Really? The Lily girl?” Gosh she’s so gorgeous and beautiful.

“Yes, but she’s late.” My face fell immediately, such a beautiful girl.

“We were best friends—Lily, I and Morris. She was jovial and respectful.” I nodded sadly and flipped to another page, it contained Ann, Morris, lily and this girl, I know her.

“Is this not the rude girl I met at the cafeteria?” I asked to be sure.

“She’s a very dangerous girl. We were close then but not now, she’s our greatest enemy, she’s evil.”

“By mere looking at her, you will know,” I said loudly.

“Yeah, she was the one that poisoned Morris’s mind against Lily, she made Morris believe Lily was after her boyfriend Dave.”


“Yeah, they were once lover’s. Morris believed Lily was the evil one, and so hated Lily. She threw Lily out of the team and made life unbearable for her. It was later found out that Amelia was actually the bad one. That was the day Lily died. She died while driving to Morris’s house, it was an accident. Everyone loved Lily so much, we miss her.
Morris wasn’t herself anymore, she blamed herself for killing Lily, she went as far as to break up with Dave, she refused talking to anyone and even me, she became lonely, she abandoned the team and it was not heard of anymore. Amelia created her own team and became exceedingly popular, and was respected by the school authority.”

“What about tomorrow?” I asked her.

“I don’t have any idea, I will be watching only. If moris decides to take up the leadership and save it for the sake of Lily, it will be good. Come, I will show you where Lily was buried.”

“OK,” I simply answered and we went outside. We went to the back of the building and saw a tomb.

“Here,” she pointed to the tomb. We went closer, immediately she stopped walking, I just looked on.

“Why did you stop?” I asked inquisitively.

“Someone’s here,” she said and walked quietly to the tomb. She peeped inside and whispered to me, “Someone is inside, let’s go,” she said and we left.

To be continued…

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