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Entrusted (Episode Nine)

Continued from the last part…

She reminisced on how Hannah had once saved her from the ‘black bra’ girls. That day, she had gone to the library to read and was on her way to her hostel when she got double-crossed.

“Huhhuh, where are you coming from?” one of them had asked her.

Though she had never come across them before, but she had heard people talk about how dangerous they could be.

“Erm… I’m coming from the library ma,” she replied fidgeting.

“What insolence! Mama is talking to you and you’re standing, get on your knees!” another one of them kicked her irritably.

Awwn awwn, don’t scare the poor girl, Panta. She is obviously naive,” the first one of them that spoke, who Julie now knew as their leader smiled.

“I’m sorry ma,” Julie fidgeted on her knees. Even though she was a spoilt brat, she knew not to mess up with these ones.

Their leader stepped closer to her and raised her face up by her chin. “Hmm, you’re not bad” she smiled. She walked round Julie and came to a halt right in her front. “You’ve got nice boobs and butt,” Mama smirked mischievously.

“Thank you, ma,” Julie stammered.

“Hmmm. Do you have a boyfriend?” Mama asked.

“Ha, no ma o!” Julie cried.

Truthfully, she didn’t. She e had broken up with her then boyfriend earlier that week for cheating on her.

“Hmm. Good,” Mama smirked. “So will you be my girlfriend?” Mama asked mischievously.

The question struck Julie like lightening that she immediately broke into cold sweat.

“Ma, I… don’t un-der-sst-staaand,” Julie coughed. Julie clearly understood what Mama meant, but yuck, lesbianism? Over her dead body. So she feigned ignorance.

“Are you daft? What do you mean by you don’t understand?” another one of them thundered.

“Ehhhh, I am so-or-ry ma,” Julie stuttered.

Hahaha. Scorpio, don’t be so harsh on the damsel,” Mama chuckled softly. “Uhm, damsel, what’s your name?” Mama asked.

“M-my name is Julie ma!” Julie swiftly replied.

Awwn…nice name. Julie right?” Mama grinned.

“Yes ma.” Julie nodded vigorously.

“Aww, don’t be scared baby. We don’t bite. We are indeed very good people, right girls?” Mama smirked cunningly.

“Right Mama!” the rest of the girls chorused.

“So you see, we’re very good people. So be free around me ..around us,” Mama smiled.

“OK ma,” Julie replied, nodding.

“So…the thing is…I like you. A lot. That’s all,” she added. “What do you have to say?” Mama asked gleefully.

Jesus my Saviour, help me! Julie cried within herself. She didn’t want to tell Mama no cause it might annoy her terribly and she couldn’t say yes either. She was still thinking when she heard a voice that sounded somewhat familiar to her.

“Mama!” the voice called.

Even though it was already very dark and the lights around were fine, Julie was still able to figure out who the voice belonged to and she sighed inwardly. But she was still scared.

Mama turned and saw that it was her school daughter, Hannah. Immediately Hannah got closer to them, she bowed to Mama and smiled at the rest of the girls. She didn’t act like she saw Julie kneeling.

“What are you doing here this late?” Mama questioned Hannah. She had always warned Hannah not to walk at night because it was bad. And considering the fact that she had a lot of enemies in the school, they might want to get to her through her school daughter. She always told Hannah it wasn’t safe to walk around at night.

“Uhmm mamie, I haven’t seen my younger sister since this evening and I was on my way to the library to check if she’s there,” Hannah explained wearily.

“Oh.”Mama raised a brow.

Hannah then looked around and saw that it was Julie that was kneeling. “Julie! What are you doing here?” Hannah asked Julie, acting all shocked. “Geez! I have searched for you everywhere!” Hannah exclaimed.

Mama looked at them, confused. “You know her?” she asked Hannah, pointing at Julie.

“Yes mamie. She’s my sister,” Hannah sighed.

“Oh. Take her away from here,” Mama commanded.

Without too much ado, Hannah hastily dragged Julie up and they took their heels.

“Ah Mama why did you let her leave.You liked her?” Panta grunted.

“Hannah is my school daughter and that girl is her sister. Which means she is my school daughter too,” Mama sighed. “Let’s bounce,” she added, and they all walked away with Mama leading.


Since Julie and Hannah left the girls, they had been running as fast as their legs could carry them. When they got close to their hostel, around the bush, Hannah stopped and crashed unto the ground.

“Wait-wait-wait!” she yelled at Julie who was still running like the girls were chasing after them. “I’m tired!” Hannah said, catching her breath. Julie stopped and sat beside her, panting really loudly.

“How on earth did you come across the girls?” Hannah yelled, gasping for breath.

“It’s not like that. I was…” Julie then explained how she came across the ‘black bra’ without leaving any part.

“Hmm,” Hannah sighed after she was done talking. “You don’t know how dangerous those ladies can be,” she added.

“They…” Hannah had not completed what she wanted to say when they heard a rustle in the bush not very far from them, and took to their heels. They didn’t stop until they were in their room and the door was well locked.

Julie smiled as she drifted out of her memories and stirred the spaghetti she was cooking. “Such funny memories,” she murmured to herself.

“What funny memories?” Hannah who just woke up and was standing behind Julie, resting against the kitchen door asked.

“Oh, you’re awake!” Julie turned around and smiled at Hannah.

Nde,” Hannah replied as she yawned. “What’s on fire?” she asked immediately she stopped yawning.

“Spag,” Julie replied.

Mwo?” Hannah asked irritatedly.

“What, you don’t want spaghetti?” Julie asked bewildered.

“Oh!” Hannah face palmed herself. “Didn’t know that was what you meant,” she giggled. “So, is it white or concoction?” she asked.

“White. The stew’s in the freezer,” Julie replied. “We just need to warm it a bit when the spaghetti’s done,” she added.

“Why not warm it now so that you’ll dish the food once it’s done?” Hannah furrowed her brows.

“It’s stressful,” Julie groaned.

Pabo! You are still very lazy!” Hannah shook her head.

“Whatever!” Julie pouted.

“But it’s been long I ate spaghetti you know. Most of the time, I eat ramen there in Seoul.” Hannah groaned.

Hahaha. Sorry. Now that you’re here, no more ramen,” Julie chuckled.

“I know right,” Hannah smiled.

“Uhmm, so now that you’re back, what will you be doing?” Julie asked.

“Hmmm, well, I’m gonna search for a job as a office secretary in a very good company,” Hannah replied.

“OK. I can actually get my dad to help you with that, if you don’t mind,” Julie suggested.

“Ah, I don’t. Kumawo,” Hannah grinned.

“Julie dropped the spaghetti on the cabinet since it was already done, and brought out the stew from the freezer. She then placed the pot of stew on the cooker to boil. After three minutes, she switched off the cooker and cylinder. She then dished the food in two dishes and handed one over to Hannah. She placed the pots in the sink to wash later before walking out of the kitchen.

“So where do you think I can get a SIM card in this area?” Hannah asked after they’ve both settled in the dinning room to eat.

“Hmmm, just down the street. By the left, a woman sells different types there,” Julie replied munching on her food. “I can get it for you, you know,” she added.

“Thanks but no, thanks,” Hannah smirked. “I want to get it myself,” she added.

“Oh, mihamnida,” Julie bowed.

Pabo!” Hannah smirked.

After they were done eating, Julie cleared the dishes into the kitchen while Hannah walked to the sitting room to watch a movie. After washing the dishes, Julie walked back to the sitting room to watch movie with Hannah.

To be continued…

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