A Wish (Episode Three)


Continued from the last part…

Human World—Jones’ Mansion

Eleanor pressed the doorbell outside Harry’s family home, the door opened and she was welcomed by a maid who she recognized to be Leah.

“Good Morning, Miss Eleanor,” Leah greeted cheerfully.

“Good Morning, Leah,” she replied as she walked into the luxurious living room. “Where is Mrs. Isobel?” she asked.

“She’s in her bedroom,” Leah answered.

“Please tell her I’m here,” Eleanor said.

Leah walked towards Isobel’s bedroom, she knocked softly. “Ma’am, Miss Eleanor is here to see you,” she informed Isobel.

“Oh Eleanor!” Isobel said happily. She was preparing for her friend’s birthday party. “Tell Eleanor I will be out soon.”

“Okay,” Leah replied.

Isobel added blush to her cheeks, then she turned away from the mirror and walked out of her room. She hoped to hear good news from Eleanor concerning Harry’s birthday plans.

“Eleanor?” she called as she entered the living room. Eleanor turned to face her and she gasped in shock. “Oh my God Eleanor! What is wrong with you?”

Eleanor’s face was swollen from tears. She had cried all the way down to Isobel’s home.
“Harry—” her voice trailed off and she swallowed hard to get the lump past her throat.

“What did he do to you?” Isobel asked. “No, please don’t tell him Harry hit you,” Isobel said. Eleanor didn’t respond. “Wait, let me get my purse. I will go to his house and talk sense into his head.”

She was almost leaving when Eleanor said, “No, Harry didn’t hit me.” She wiped her tears with her fingertips. “Mrs Isobel, I’m just here to tell you that… that I want to give up on Harry. I will try to stop loving him.”

Isobel stared at her in shock. “Give up? Why? Why the sudden change of mind?” Isobel went to her and pulled her to sit on the couch.

“Harry doesn’t love me.”

“No, Eleanor, you’re wrong. Harry loves you.”

“No, he doesn’t—”

“Did Harry tell that?”

“No, he didn’t.”

Isobel shot her a confused look “So, what Eleanor? Harry didn’t tell you that he doesn’t love you and you just jumped into conclusion?” she asked. She held Eleanor’s hands in hers. “I know it hard to tell his feelings… but as his mother, I can tell you that Harry loves you.”

“I don’t think so—”

“Tell me the reason, Eleanor.”

“Last night Harry said I should stop caring about him. He told me to spend the night and leave this morning.”

“Did you sleep in his bedroom?”

“No. He left me in the living room and he avoided me this morning. Mrs Isobel, I tried getting him to talk to me, but he insulted me.”

“He insulted you?”

“Yes…he said my cheeks are too big and they make me ugly, he also said that I wasn’t good enough for him.”

“What! Harry said that to you?”

“Yes. I went straight to the room and packed my box to leave. He didn’t try to stop me. Instead he said goodbye,” she sobbed.


“Harry doesn’t love me.” Eleanor had spent five minutes in the car crying because of Harry’s words to her. It hurt her that Harry doesn’t feel the same way she felt about him, she loved him but it was obvious that Harry didn’t love her in return. He doesn’t care, he’s only concerned about himself.

“Hold on, Eleanor,” Isobel said and picked her phone that was on the table. She dialed Harry’s number but he didn’t pick up. Anger crashed over her. “He is not picking up,” she said.

“I think I have to leave now, I’m running late. I have to shoot a commercial by 11:00,” Eleanor said.

“Eleanor, I apologize on his behalf. I will go and see him now. I promise you that Harry will call and apologize to you.”

“Okay,” she said and stood up.

“Let me walk you to the door,” Isobel offered.

“Thank you,” Eleanor said to her.

Harry’s Beach House

Harry moved to the intercom when he heard the doorbell. “What is she doing here?” he muttered. It was Isobel. He went back to the couch to grab his cellphone. Her call came in almost immediately and he picked it.

“Harry! I know you are in there! Open the door,” she said in annoyance.

He walked back to the intercom. “Old lady, you can’t tell me what to do. Say whatever it is you here for over the phone, I’m listening,” he said.

“What?! Harry open up!” She hit the door.

“I won’t let you in my house to complain and nag and yell at me. I’m too tired for all that—”

“Harry, do you realize I am your mother? You clearly know what I am capable of doing, don’t be rude to me!” she interrupted him.

“Old lady, I know what you are capable of doing to me. Since it was easy for you to send your husband to his early grave, then it won’t be a problem doing the same to me. But I won’t allow it,” he fired back. He saw the anger and pain in her expression. He knew that he had touched her with his words. And he couldn’t keep her waiting outside. A second passed and Harry punched in his password and the door opened.

“How dare you treat me like this?” She slapped him across his face. Harry gasped in surprise. “Irrespective of what happened, I am still your mother. And you should respect me!” She stormed in.

He moved to the couch and settled on it. “Old lady, say what you have to say and leave,” he said and focused on his phone.

“Why did you say such horrible words to Eleanor?” Isobel was used to Harry’s unusual and rude attitude towards her since his father’s death. She could hardly believe Harry could turn against her and disregard her like she had never done any good to him. Isobel had tried all her best to renew the bond they once shared, she tried to make him see that James death was not her intention. She craved for his attention, but Harry’s mind was made up. He was finding it difficult to forgive her. And nothing she did for him was good in his eyes. Isobel got no response to her question. “I believe I am talking to someone.” He still didn’t respond and she went to him and snatched his phone. He didn’t expect it.

“Let me have my phone.”

“I will give it back after our discussion.”

“What were you saying?” he asked.

“I was talking about Eleanor.”

“What’s up with her?”

“She told me everything you said to her. Listen to me, boy, whether you like it or not you are getting married to Eleanor.”


“Yes and it’s either Eleanor or no one else.” Isobel realized that the only way to make him come to his senses was by pestering him to start a family. She knew he didn’t like that idea and she didn’t care if it seemed like she was controlling him or trying to force him into marriage.

“You can’t come in here and tell me what to do,” he protested.

“But I can make you do what I want.”

“No. You can’t control me. I don’t love Eleanor. So you expect to get married to someone I don’t love?” he asked in anger.

“Well, you will grow to love her. Start growing your feelings for Eleanor.”

“Never. I won’t force myself to love any woman.”

“Are you seeing someone, Harry?”

“Yes,” he lied. “I have a girlfriend and she is the one I want to marry.”

“Who is she?”

“It’s none of your business, old lady.”

“Fine…tell your girlfriend to not get her hopes up because I won’t accept her. And if I find out who she is, I will make sure this town turns into a living hell for her,” she threatened.

Harry laughed. “Don’t even think about it. I don’t plan to introduce her to you.”

“I will find her.”

“Old lady, do you realize that I am not a kid anymore? I’m twenty six and I have every right to make decisions—my own decisions. And why won’t you just let me be?”

“I will stay out of your decisions the moment you start making reasonable ones, decisions that will make me happy.”

“This is my life—”

“I want you to call Eleanor right now and apologize to her,” she said giving his phone back to him.

“Why should I do that?”

“You did the wrong thing by saying those bad words to her. Eleanor is more than good enough for you.”

“Look, stop getting her hopes up. I will make it clear to her that I am not interested in her and I don’t love her.”

She snatched the phone from him again. “What do you think you are doing?” she asked.

“I want to call Eleanor and tell her the truth,” he said in defiance.

She hissed. Isobel copied Eleanor’s number from her phone to Harry’s and she dialed it. He saved her number as, ‘Ugly Big Cheeks‘. Isobel changed it to ‘My Heart‘.

Eleanor picked on the second ring. “Hi Eleanor,” she said.

“What are you doing?” Harry asked his mom.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” she replied. “Eleanor, Harry wants to talk to you.” She handed him the phone. He hesitated and Isobel pushed the device into his hand.

“Hello,” he said.


“How are you doing?”

“I’m fine,” she replied coldly.

“Hey, you don’t have to sound like that,” he said. She didn’t reply. “Fine. I’m sorry,” he apologized.

“For what?”

“For…for…everything I said to you this morning,” he stammered.

“I’m mad at you for calling me ugly big cheeks,” she said.

“Come on! I…I was joking.”

“But you said it with a serious face.”

“I’m sorry.”

A smile formed on her lips, she was happy. “What…what about the part you said…I’m not good enough for you?”

“Uhm…that too…you are good…I mean, Eleanor you’re a good woman. Let’s hang out some other time,” he rushed out his last words.

“When?” she asked with excitement in her tone.

“Maybe tomorrow or whenever you’re not very busy.”

“Okay, I will make out time for us,” she said with enthusiasm.

“Bye,” he said and hung up.

“Good,” Isobel said to him.

“Are you happy now?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said with a half smile. “Your birthday is in two day’s time.”

“Yeah, old lady, everything is fine now. Please leave, I need to rest. I will be very busy tomorrow.”

“What about your plans with Eleanor?”

“I’ll try to make it up to her. And please don’t come around in two day’s time or even think of throwing a party for me because I won’t show up for it.”

“Well, let’s wait till then.”

“And don’t hire any maid, I’m capable of taking care of things around here.”

“If I get a good maid that can withstand your troubles, then you have no choice. See you in two day’s time,” she said as she picked her bag and walked out of the house.

Merworld—Throne Hall

Oceanus sat on his throne. He was holding a meeting with his twenty eight royal officials; both mermaids and mermen. The meeting was held to discuss issues about the kingdom and Ephyra’s birthday preparation.

“You are all aware that the princess’ birthday is in two weeks,” Oceanus said.

“Yes, my lord,” they chorused.

“I want to celebrate it in a grand style. My friends Bhupendra and Samudra are currently in the palace. And in some day’s time, friends aligned with Merillia kingdom in other seas will come around to celebrate with us. Yareh (Waterlady), please prepare a comfortable lodging for our guests, Dania (in charge of all sea maidens), work with Yareh.”

“Yes, my lord,” Dania replied.

“My lord, which of the buildings should we prepare for our guests?” Yareh asked.

“Kaimana (Power of the Sea) Building,” Oceanus replied. Kaimana is an enormous building close to the palace, It is used to accommodate guests, visitors, royal and nobel travellers from other seas. They pay homage to the king before given the chance to lodge into one of the rooms.

“Okay, my lord.” Yareh bowed.

“Kenan and Wanwisa, appease the sea for that day to be favourable to us.”

“Yes, my lord” they chorused.

“Maeve, prepare your musical bands also.”

“We are fully prepared, my lord,” she said and bowed.

“I think this is all for today. I will inform you all of any new matters if the need arises,” Oceanus said.

“Long Live the King!” they said in unison with their heads bowed. Oceanus stood up from his throne and exited the room, then they raised their heads and also began to leave the room to attend to their respective duties.

Nen Street

“We have a lot to do for the princess’ birthday,” Sirena said.

“No we don’t, my lady,” Kenan replied.

“What do you mean?” Wanwisa asked.

“We have to appease the sea to avoid disturbance from humans and sea demons. You know how many days that will take us? And you are saying we don’t have much to do,” Sirena said.

“And again, it’s the princess’ birthday, we have to do well,” Wanwisa added.

“Well it seems you have all forgotten who the person in question is,” Kenan said.

“What do you mean?” Wanwisa asked.

“Princess Ephyra is a Special Mermaid. She has extra connection with the Sea even more than any of us,” Kenan answered. They nodded in agreement.

“It still doesn’t matter, let’s do what the King ordered us to do,” Wanwisa replied.

“Come on! I am not saying we should go against the King’s orders,” Kenan said. The women sighed.

“I have been practicing my music and dance with my crew for weeks now and we are still on it,” Maeve said.

“I have to go around the kingdom chanting the protection spell and declaring happiness for the next seven days,” Sirena (the enchantress) said.

“Ephyra is capable of bringing happiness to us,” Kenan said.

“Yes that makes her the lucky mermaid,”
Wanwisa (goddess of Sea) responded.

“The special mermaid who connects with the sea with spells. Sometimes, I don’t understand,” Maeve said.

“You don’t understand it?” Wanwisa asked.

“Yes, sometimes I can’t interpret it,” Maeve replied sincerely.

“And I wonder what the princess’ wish will be,” Kenan said.

“I’m really anxious to know,” Sirena put in.

“I can’t wait for that day,” Wanwisa added.

To be continued…

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