I write in a clear manner,
My words are not vague.
I do not use metaphors or oxymoron
I do not use beautiful, emotional and figurative language.
My words and sentences are clear to all
As transparent as it can be.
My lines are not filled with rhymes
Neither are they ambiguous.
I don’t write odes and eulogies.
I write what I feel,
What comes to mind,
How I see things,
What goes on around me,
What touches me,
What I’m directed to..

I’m sorry if what I write
Doesn’t impress you
Sorry, my lines don’t rhyme,
My diction may seem clear and impersonal.
Sorry, I don’t use beautiful words,
If it seems so plain to you.
Sorry, my poems are not poetic
But I must pass my message
I must inspire anyway
I must write on…

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