Just a Kiss

I never knew a kiss could be this sensational; delicious warmth coursed through my being whilst I drank in his musky scent. To others, it might seem like the battle of tongues, but to me it was something else.

The chirping noises of crickets, a melody to my ears, alongside the sweet intoxicating scent of cashews and mangoes which wafted through my nostrils, made the kiss so magical; the rays of the sun slithering through the trees added a spark to it.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when Ade whispered, “Look at your palms.”

Without any fuss, I obeyed him. “Thanks for granting me access into your soul” were the words written on my palms.

“Ade! What’s the meaning of this?” Puzzled, I was scared when I couldn’t find him anywhere. The forest which felt magical, suddenly became eerily quiet, the shadows of the trees sent a cold shiver down my spine.

Still on the web of fear and confusion, a sharp pain tugged at my stomach, which brought me to my knees, and a burning sensation choked my throat. Trying hard to vomit whatever it was, I heard a strange voice,

“Hello baby, are you looking for me? Don’t worry Ade is here. I’m going nowhere. You belong to me.”

Opening my eyes, I was shocked when I saw a snake staring at me with its body stuck deep in my mouth.

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