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I Love Feral Girls

I love feral girls
Blond hair and high heels
And that musky earthy haze that’s always there
And the hint of the great wild serving as her cologne…

I love feral girls
Wildly tousled hair and smeared lipsticks
With a piece of clothing always outta place
And the confidence of ten lionesses oozing outta every pore…

I love feral girls
With their husky voices and street smarts
And eyes that have seen a thousand and one things
And the wisdom of ten dons marking every action they take…

I love feral girls
Whose back will never touch the bed
It’s reverse cowgirl, cowgirl and a dozen other for them
And with the experience of ten geishas highlighting every move…

I love feral girls
Who will raise warriors with me
Feral cubs who will fight and earn their place
And whose footsteps a confident woman, strong, wild woman will guide…

I love feral girls.

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