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Twisted Fate (Episode Five)

Continued from the last part…

What has just happened now? Taiwo! From the bank! Am I dreaming? Then, I started picturing the scenarios that happened in the bank and her stances towards me. Has this lady felt in love with me? Love at the first sight, can it be possible? In the course of thinking, my heart lighted up and my face was full of smiles.

I stood up and went for prayer, but couldn’t just believe I was still thinking of her while praying. I managed to complete the prayer and took the food prepared for me by my sister, then went to bed where I watched and listened to NTA network news. I woke up at midnight just because I was still thinking of her in my sleep, then I decided to put call to her and let her know how I was feeling. I picked up my phone and dialed her number, and couldn’t just believe she picked it up immediately as if she was expecting the call before.

Me: Hello baby. How far?
Taiwo: I’m fine, and you?
Me: I’m doing well too. You were not sleeping, why?
Taiwo: I’m experiencing slight stomach pain ni jare. How did you know?
Me: I could notice that in your voice and again, you picked the call without any hesitation.
Taiwo: Don’t mind me. A pot calling kettle black… What about you?
Me: I woke up to urinate and decided to remind you that you have not sent the number to me.
Taiwo: Number? Which number is that? Me: oh! Sorry. I wanted to say address (laughing)
Taiwo: (giggled) Funny you, I’m very sorry for that anyway. I would do justice to that as soon as I am okay. Me: Alright then, I’m sorry for disturbing you by this time of the day.
Taiwo: You are not disturbing me joor. I’m even enjoying you for keeping me company.
Me: That’s lovely, but I still need to free you so as to rest a little bit because of work.
Taiwo: You are such a darling! Thanks so much for being there for me.
Me: Don’t mind me. Take care of you.
Taiwo: And you too. Bye…
Me: Yeah. Byee (I hung up the call).

My mind was a bit satisfied and I slept off. I received a text message from her in the morning which stated thus: one becomes a fool and acts silly when she meets someone whom she believes, take care of you like you always say. Winks – Taiwo cares about you so much.

The message ignited the feelings in my heart and the feelings bursted out like raging fire which water cannot quench, even flood could not stop it. I don’t need any soothsayer to tell me that I’m in love. Suddenly, a thought came to me. Hope I’m not making the same mistake; once beaten, twice shy is what they say… Afeez, did you even learn from your past bitter experience that made you lose your grandma? Yet, life is all about risk, at least it’s a must for you to marry, only that you have to be very watchful.


On Saturday, Zainab called me and pleaded to me that she wouldn’t be able to make it on that day, that I should be expecting her at the end of the month.

I was neither happy nor sad on her decision since I’ve erased her feelings from my heart.
Zainab was the only daughter of one popular businessman in my town. She was an attractive lady with moderate bosoms and her hips were well curved. Though, we are both from the same town but never met except one fateful day when we met in a supermarket. Her beauty caught my fancy right from that very first day. We both stared at each other at a distance, then she left and I followed her, but before catching up with her, she had entered a car, and that was when I discovered that she was brought by the car.

“We’ll meet again,” I said to myself and I left for house in preparation for the class as a newly admitted student. Though, the school had resumed a month ago, but due to financial constraints, I couldn’t resume with them at the appropriate time. I was an orphan who didn’t grow up to know my parents. I was brought up by my grandmother who did petty trade to cater for us, my sister and me. And as a result of this, I hustle to meet my needs for survival.

My first day in class, I put on my best wear and looked cute, and then left for class. All eyes were on me when I entered but didn’t know why. I went to sit at the back since the front seats were filled up. After some minutes, a skinny man entered and the class that was rowdy before became a graveyard. It was a lecturer, he wrote the course code on the board, MTH 121.

“Everybody should submit the last assignment I gave out,” he said. I had nothing to submit, so I was just looking. He went through the submitted copies and said, “I know you would copy one another and I don’t mind, but I will need someone among you to show what you have copied down on the board, otherwise, I will score you people zero,” he threatened.

We started looking at one another, who will bail us out? I thought in my mind that I have nothing to lose since I didn’t submit.

He wrote the question on the whiteboard (question on permutations and combinations) which I’ve been taught in Further Mathematics when I was in secondary school. I was looking at the question and at the same time thinking of the approach to use when I heard him say, “Who is belling the cat?” he asked angrily and no one stood up.

“Before the count of three, if someone fails to come out, you will all smell pepper,” he emphasised. Then, a guy stood up and walked up to him (we started clapping for him until when we heard what he said),

“Sir, I want to go and urinate,” he said.

“You are permitted, but you are not entering my class again till the end of this session,” the lecturer replied and the guy reversed to his seat.

Then, the man started counting, one, two and he was about to pronounce three when I interrupted

“Sir, though I didn’t submit because I am just resuming class today, but let me give it a trial,” I said soberly.

He looked down at me and said, “Those that were in class when the topic was been taken couldn’t solve it, I wonder how an unserious element like you will go about it. I will allow you, but if you miss it, you have put salt to your wound,” he said sarcastically.

I felt embarrassed, but I rose above the taunt and remained unruffled.

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