Karma is not a bitch.
She is not just a female dog
She is a mother.
A doting mother that loves all her children equally.

She wouldn’t allow her first born son to mistreat her last born daughter
She punishes her wayward children
Not immediately, but eventually
She is the type of parent that’ll flog you with her left hand,
and give you sweets with her right.

She is a widow
Her husband killed her third child so she had to kill him.
She did it with a heavy heart, and she cried all through the process
And while she was at it she kept cursing God
“Damn you, for giving me this unbearable task of balancing nature no matter the cost!”

Sometimes I sympathize with Karma for she has seen a lot
Her hands are soiled so that the hands of the righteous will remain clean
I wonder what her fate will be when she dies.

Heaven or Hell?

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