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In Her Mocassin (Part 7)

Continued from the last part…

Nicola’s POV

Madame Victoria, the French language teacher was a petite and beautiful woman with a voice which is just like her—tiny but shrill.

She also has these kind of icy blue eyes, which when she used it to look at someone, makes one think that she’s peering into one’s soul. She is feared by all students and was secretly nicknamed ‘Small but mighty’ though she doesn’t know about this nickname or else…the consequence is better left unsaid.

Bonjour le professeuse,” the class chorused.

Comment ça va?”

Ça va bien merci.

Asseyez vous.” We all sat down. This is the usual greeting pattern.

Nora had said, “Class stand up and greet.”

We replied, “Good morning teacher.”

Madame Victoria had asked, “How are you?”

We replied with, “We are fine. Thank you.”

Then she’d said, “Sit down.”

These are the only French sentences I can say I somewhat know.

“Our topic is ‘Des pays qui parlent Français et leurs capitales‘, that is, ‘The countries that speak French and their capitals’.

Mrs. Victoria droned on and on but all she was saying seemed to be entering one ear and exiting from the other.

I looked to my left and saw the SG listening raptly. Even Michelle and Amy’s gazes were fixed the front and they were listening attentively.

Mademoiselle Nicola Richard,” a tiny but shrill voice brought me out of my thoughts. I looked up and was met by the piercing gaze of Madame Victoria.

“Yes Madame,” I said.

“Is that the answer to my question?” she asked.

Obviously, she’d asked a question and I was too caught up in my thoughts and I hadn’t heard. Ugh, this is so bad.

“Which question?” I asked in confusion.

The whole class burst into laughter. I felt myself flush in embarrassment. Madame Victoria repeated the question which had something to do with the capital of a country. Perhaps Togo.

“Um… I’m… Em… Togo’s capital is…” I stammered.

“Can anyone answer the question? Since mademoiselle Nicola here can’t answer it,” Madame Victoria said which led to another blush—a deeper one this time—and a louder burst of laughter. I just wished the floor would open up and swallow me.

Mademoiselle Natalie?” Madame Victoria asked

The SG stood and said, “The capital of Togo is Lomé.”

“Very good mademoiselle Natalie. I can see that you’re an attentive student unlike some of us here” Madame Victoria said while glancing at me.

I blushed once more and started feeling angry. I was neither angry with myself nor Madame Victoria but with that stupid SG.

Why did she answer it? Is she trying to prove that she knows better than I do?

That scumbag who does she think she is? These thoughts were rolling in my head as I stood there. Madame Victoria hadn’t instructed me to sit.

At that moment, the bell rang for end of the period. Saved by the bell, I thought.
Thankfully, we had literature which is my best subject. I soon forgot about my shameful incident but I didn’t forget the fact that I hate that girl!

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