I Died Young


A knife cut through
An infant oak
Bright and green
Slowly it withered
Nothing was left but a fallen oak

A knife cut through
A young wolf
Fast and vibrant.
It’s snow fur,
Pure and soft
Now dyed red
It fell and stood no more

A knife cut through
A male lion
A pride king
Proud and gallant
It’s stand on pride rock
A majestic scene.
Now stained red and dead
A pride without a king
Prey for the unwanted clan

Mother nature buries her skin
A piece of her she covers
Dead and rotten
Withered and dust
Six feet under she hides them.

She mourns from the pain of a loss
The pain of her essence taken young
The pain of her lost creation.

Now tears fall upon the earth
Washes the red and dead
The image of pain washed aside
A barely appreciated life pushed aside.

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