The Hidden Truth (Part 8)

Continued from the last part…

Ava’s POV

“Hey, good morning cutie,” I greeted as soon as I met Ann. She packed her hair in a ponytail giving her a unique look.

“Yeah, good morning, you look happy today. What’s the secret?” she asked me. I wonder why she said I looked happy, I’m always happy.

“Ann, I’m always happy and I will be happier if you tell me something I need to know.”

“What’s that?” she asked and I smiled.

“My neighbour,” I said pointing at the empty chair beside me.


“Her name is Morris? Well tell me about her.”

“No,” she blurted and shifted uncomfortably. Are they afraid of this girl or what, what is even there to tell? I must know about the movie girl today.


“Cos I don’t want to, and I don’t want you to know,” she chipped in.

“What’s up with you? Why can’t you?” I pressed further.

“Nothing, I’m coming,” she said and left before I could utter another word. I became dumbfounded. Was she avoiding the question or what? I muttered to myself.

“I wonder what Morris will do now that the principal decided to recruit her team,” a girl at my back said. I decided to keep calm and listen quietly.

“Yes, it’s been four years since she lost to Amelia. what made Mrs James take such decision is what I don’t understand. That team has been banned from participating for so long, and Morris is not ready to do anything about it.”

“How could she when…” she stopped talking and immediately faced someone. I looked up and here, it was that stupid boy I met yesterday, he was with a girl, this girl seems to be afraid of him cos I could see her hands trembling. What was he doing to her? I just stared at him.

“Hey,” he called rudely. The girl stood up trying to leave the class and he forcefully pushed her back making her stank her butt at her chair.

“Ouch!” she shouted in pains, the students were looking, this guy was hurting her. What’s wrong with him?

“You dare not work out on me, you think you can outsmart me, huh?”

“Please I will pay up later, please?”

“We had a deal, you remember our deal?” he said giving sign to a boy beside him, the boy put his hand inside his pockets and brought out well folded paper which he straightened up at once and read out.

Today I sign to pay you back your money next week, if not, I will go round the school naked.

Everybody got shocked, he was laughing devilishly. This is not gonna happen, the girl cried more. Oh poor girl.

“You see, now can I have my money back” Even his voice was way too cruel.

“Please I don’t have it, have mercy please,” the girl begged. And some students laughed, they are heartless, they couldn’t even help.

“Then do the job. Pull off your clothes,” he ordered.

“Never will she do that,” I shouted gaining attentions to myself, they were staring at me. I walked out infront of them all avoiding the eyes that were looking.

“You said?” he asked me angrily.

“You heard me.” That shocked him instantly. He stood up, and slowly walked up to me.

“Why?” he asked.

“Give her the last chance,” I trembled.

“What are you going to do for me?” he asked. I thought of what to say but had no idea.

“Name it,” I bravely said.

“One night stand,” he said and giggled.

“What?” I shouted.

“You don’t want to? OK, I have no business with you,” he turned to the girl sharply, and ordered her to pull off. I pitied the girl, maybe we will make up whatsoever she owned him.

“Deal,” I said and he looked at me and smiled. Of course he would smile. He’s such an idiot, I muttered to myself.

“I love making deals with beautiful girl like you,” he said looking at me lustfully.

“Come on, let’s leave this place,” I said to the girl and left with her.

“How could you make such deal with him?” I told her as soon as we sat down on the bench downstairs.

“I was in need of money, my mother was at the point of death and the doctor refused starting treatment till he sees the money.” I pitied her and held her hands.

“Thank you for being there for me, I will get the money before its too late.”

“You are welcome. But that guy is such an idiot, how could he request for sex with me?”

“Dave is heartless,” she said.

“And you went to him for money, what about Dennis?” I asked her.

“Dennis wasn’t around that day, and Jeremy and Derek were as useless as he is.”

“What’s your name?” I asked.


“Such a nice name too. You are on scholarship?” I asked her.


“Come let’s move back inside, we will talk later.”

“Thank you once again.”

“You are welcome.”

“I need to see someone now,” she said and I nodded. Immediately she left, I went back inside looking for Ann. Where could she have gone to? I went into the class and sat down.

“Hey,” Dennis called and I looked up. He was smiling. I have not seen him since yesterday, seems he’s busy now. I thought of what happened yesterday and laughed it off. Empty threats.

“Hi,” I simply answered.

“What happened yesterday wasn’t intentional. I looked for you and didn’t see you.”

“I understand.”

“Did you see Dave?” he asked me and I looked at him as if he has grown two horns. How could I have known where that idiot is, what sort of question is that?

“Oh sorry, my manners, forgotten you had a fight with him at the toilet and…”

“Who told you that?” I shouted.

“He did, he’s my best friend.”

“That fool, I don’t know how you got him to be your friend.”

“Dave is a nice guy, you wouldn’t understand now,” the guy said and I laughed.

“Nice guy indeed, he’s an asshole, he’s also a womaniser. Gosh.” Dennis laughed more.

“I will pay for that money Joyce borrowed from him. How much is it?” Crazy me, I didn’t remember to ask Joyce how much she was owing.

“Since I don’t know, hope you will know since he’s your friend.”

“I don’t because I wasn’t there.”

“Ask him then,” I told him. And he smiled.

“Wait you said you were going to give Joyce the money?” I will let Joyce know about it.

“OK later,” he said and left.

Seems like no lessons today, I better go home.

“Hey,” I looked up and it was that demon again. Why are they disturbing me again. I just looked away.

“Cute dog,” he called. I looked up immediately.

“Huh, are you referring to me?” I asked him.

“Yeah, who else?” he asked.

“Don’t call me that again,” I fumed and he laughed more. What’s amusing him now?

“I noticed you are cute and secondly you bit me, that makes you a cute dog.”

“Fool,” I said eyeing him.

“Hey, I’m not a fool, OK?” he said to me.

“Can you just leave me alone?”

“Don’t you get it? I want you, you are beautiful and have amazing body,” he said lustfully looking at me. I traced his eyes to my breasts.

“What the heck? Disgusting,” I shouted and pushed him and he landed on the desk.

“Ouch! Are you crazy?” he shouted and that attracted some eyes on us. I stood up furiously, taking my bag with me and left the class angrily, I rushed home.

Dave’s POV

I pity that girl. When next I see her, I might do something to her. I smiled widely while thinking of what to do to her. I noticed Ann looking at me. She averted her eyes immediately. She has always been a quiet girl.

“Ann,” I called.

“Yes, what is it?” she snapped.

“This is the second day, are you sure Morris’ team will perform again?” he asked.

“Go and ask Morris. Don’t disturb me,” she snapped.

“Like seriously? Whatever,” I said and left. Talking of Morris, I haven’t seen her since yesterday. Isn’t she going to call back her team or what? Or is she going to allow Amelia win again?

I know where to find her. I went to the garden house. I know where she is, I mean that’s was our secret room. Our love stories were mostly on the garden house. Like I predicted, she was there staring at nothing in particular.

“Morris,” I called softly and she turned to look at me.

“What are you doing here?” she snapped.

“I came to…”

“Please go, leave me alone,” she groaned, I missed her voice, everything about her.

“Listen Morris, you don’t have to be hard on yourself. You…”

“Do you care? Why do you care, huh?” she said coming closer to me. She held me, and I could feel my lost feelings, they were rushing through me, and I’m burning inside, since four years ago, I lost that feeling.

“You came here purposely to mock me?” she laughed slightly and went back a bit.

“I got it now, yeah I’m not OK. I’m no more the Morris you used to know. Now can you go?”

“I don’t love you, I don’t care about you, I don’t even… remember you exist,” I said soberly.

“Then leave me. You know what? I hate you Dave, I hate you for everything, you caused me pains, I hate you.”

I rushed home after she said those hurtful words to me. For four good years, I didn’t talk to her, I never talked with her, and just today, she brought back old memories. I hate her, I hate Morris. But I love her, I still have feelings but she used my feelings against me. I shouted and threw out the books on my table.

“Sir, what are you doing?” a maid rushed in immediately.

“Get out, leave!” I shouted and she disappeared immediately. I took my car keys on my bed, entered my car and zoomed off.

As I was driving, I came across one coffee shop along the road, I stopped my car and went in. The shop is a bit small and that was a perfect place to think rather than all those big restaurants where people recognize me easily. I walked up to the table at the extreme and sat down, thinking of Morris, after what she did, still had guts to tell me she hated me.

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