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Entrusted (Episode Eight)

Continued from the last part…

After an hour, Julie got to the airport and parked her car in the parking lot. She walked to the waiting area and tried Hannah’s number, Not Available. Then she remembered Hannah was still using a Korean number.

“Oh shit,” she face-palmed herself. She raised her head and looked around the crowded building confused. She was still looking around with confusion plastered on her face when she saw Hannah walk briskly towards her.

At first she didn’t recognize her but as Hannah walked closer towards her, she confirmed it was Hannah. She couldn’t wait for Hannah to get to her so she rushed forward and hugged her.

“Oh my good God! You look breathtakingly beautiful,” Julie did nothing to hide her astonishment as she was all over Hannah.
Hannah is a fair lady like Julie, same age and stature as Julie too. But she was fairer now, maybe cause she’s just back from Korea. She was glowing.

Kumawo,” Hannah giggled heartily.

“Look at you!” Julie exclaimed. “You look gorgeous!” she added excitedly.

Awwn awwn, you don’t look bad yourself yeobo.” Hannah grinned gleefully.

Aww, thanks darling,” Julie smiled, checking herself out.

“You haven’t greeted me properly.” Hannah feigned annoyance.

“Ahhh, forgive my manners ma’am,” Julie grinned. “Yeoboseyo!” she added, bowing to Hannah.

“Pabo!” Hannah said, smiling.

They both broke into laughter and dragged Hannah’s luggages out to the parking lot where Julie’s car was parked with many other cars. They loaded the luggages into the booth, got into the car and Julie drove off.

“So, tell me, how have you been?” Hannah asked in the car, facing Julie who had her eyes fixed on the road.

“Not bad!” Julie smiled, taking a quick peek at Hannah.

“And your dad?” Hannah asked.

“Urgh, that man? He’s good” Julie rolled her eyes and they both broke into laughter. “Enough about me. Let’s talk about you, how have you been? How is Korean life?” Julie asked.

“Hmmn, it’s been good,” Hannah grinned.

“It’s obvious.” Julie shot her a sideways look and they both broke into another round of laughter.

After spending one and a half hour one the road due to traffic, they got to Julie’s house.

“Welcome home,” Julie smiled as she opened the gate and drove into the compound.

Awwn, kumawo,” Hannah flashed her teeth gleefully.

Immediately they slighted from the car, Julie locked the gate while Hannah collected the luggages from the booth of Julie’s car and they both rolled the luggages into the house.

“Wow, nice house,” Hannah wowed immediately they entered the sitting room. She looked around the house admiringly.

“Aww, thanks durling,” Julie smiled as she dragged the luggages towards a room. Hannah immediately followed her. “This is your room,” Julie smiled and handed a bunch of keys over to Hannah.

“Awwn, it’s nice. Kumawo,” Hannah sighed and plopped unto the only bed in the room.

“Don’t thank me silly,” Julie smiled after she drooped the luggages on one side of the room. “Anyways, today’s been stressful I guess.” She stood by the door way.

“Nde,” Hannah yawned.

Oops, I leave you to take a nap then,” Julie smiled down at her.

“No, I want food. I’m hungry!” Hannah exclaimed.

“Huh? Hungry? No you’re not. You are sleepy,” Julie hastily walked out of the room and shut the door.

Yah! Come back here you lazy girl!” Hannah yelled.

“No, I won’t cook for you. I’m tired too!” Julie yelled back at her.

They’ve both known each other for years. They both attended the same university. Julie sat on the couch and reminisced on how the met.


She had just gained admission and was looking for her hostel room, Room 501. She was looking tired and stressed and she had walked from one place to the other, searching for the room with her three luggages trailing behind her and a big bag on her shoulder.

“Uhmm, excuse me?” she smiled wearily at the lady before her who she calculated was the same age as her.

“Hey, how may I help you?” the lady asked, all smiles.

“Uhmm… I’m Julie and I’ve been searching for my room.”

“Oh, OK. Which room?” the lady asked.

“Uhmm, Room 501. Like uhmm… the rooms are not in order so I find it difficult to locate. Everyone I asked doesn’t know where it is,” Julie sighed.

“Room 501 you say?” the lady asked.

“Yes, please don’t tell me you don’t know where it is too.” Julie looked at her pitifuly.

“I… er… actually know where it is situated and not just that, it’s my room too,” the lady grinned.

“Oh, thank you. Thank you so much. What’s your name?” Julie raised her brow as she smiled.

“Hannah. It’s Hannah,” the lady grinned.

“Oh, thank you so much Hannah.” Julie smiled thankfully.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Shall we?” Hannah asked.

“Oh yes we shall!” Julie replied, and they both headed to room 501.

After they got to the room, Julie dropped her things on the floor and plopped unto one of the beds. There were four beds, each at different angles of the room. And each bed had a bedside drawer. The room was painted in cream and white colours. At the far end of the room were two student tables and chairs for reading.

Julie slept off immediately she fell into the bed while Hannah smiled and walked out to get something. After a while, Julie woke up and looked around, taking in the room. After she recollected everything that had happened earlier, she took her phone and called her Dad.

“Hey Dad.”

“Hey honey, did you get the room?”

“Yeah, I did.”

“Thank God! I was worried sick about you,” her dad sighed. “I told you to take the car but you won’t listen,” Mr. Adams added.

“It’s nothing dad. Just wanted to know what school stress feels like.” Julie smiled wearily.

“OK. What about your remaining stuffs?” her dad asked.

“I’ll come pick them up tomorrow.”

“Isn’t that stressful? I’ll get a driver to bring them for you,” Mr Adams said.

“OK, whatever! Bye!” Julie groaned and hastily hung up.

She dropped the phone on the bed and turned to face the door. That was when she noticed Hannah was already in the room and was staring at her.

“Oh! You scared me!” Julie sighed.

“Sorry, just didn’t want to disturb your call,” Hannah said, walking towards the bed next to Julie’s with the nylon she was holding. “That was your dad right?” Hannah asked, sitting on the bed, directly facing Julie.

“Yeah,” Julie smiled.

“Oh, he’s such a good father,” Hannah added.

“Thank you,” Julie giggled.

Hannah stood up and took two plates from her drawer. She took the nylon she was holding and poured the content in the first nylon that was in the nylon, which turned out to be rice and egg, into the first plate. She took out second nylon and poured beans out of it into the second plate. She took out a spoon and placed it in the plate of rice and handed it over to Julie.

“That’s for you,” she smiled at Julie.

Awwn, thank you so much,” Julie thanked her.

Though Julie doesn’t eat sold food, except at a grand restaurant, but considering the fact that the food was bought by Hannah and given to her by her, she had no choice but to collect it. Hannah took out a spoon and a bowl, then she made herself a bowl of cassava flakes (garri) and she started drinking the flakes with the beans.

“While we are eating, let me tell you about the remaining two girls in this room,” Hannah said, with a spoon of beans in her mouth.

“OK?” Julie sat up and began feeding her self.
The food is not that bad though, Julie thought as she munched on a spoonful of rice.

“That bed is Shade’s,” Hannah pointed at the bed opposite hers. “This one is for Lorrie,” she pointed at the one opposite Julie’s.

“OK,” Julie replied, nodding her head.

“Shade is…” Hannah paused and scooped garri into her mouth. “Shade is a very aggressive person, so try not to cross her lane or use any of her things,” she completed her sentence. “And Lorrie, she is actually not aggressive, but when provoked or annoyed, she can be very destructive and unbearing.” She shook her head. “So, be careful with her too,” she added.

“Oh, OK.” Julie nodded her head.

“And me… uhmm… you’ll get to know what my character is like,” Hannah smiled.

“Oh,” Julie laughed.

“So where are the girls?” Julie asked.

“Lorrie went to visit her boyfriend, while Shade went out with her friends. They are both 200 level students.” Hannah scooped the last spoon of her flakes into her mouth.

“Oh, OK. ” Julie nodded.


Drifting out of thought, Julie stood up and dragged her feet to the kitchen to prepare something for Hannah to eat. She rinsed her hands in the sink and wiped them with the towel that was on the cabinet. Then she drifted into thoughts again.


After that day, she and Hannah really got along well. She studying Banking and Finance while Hannah was studying Business Administration. She got to know that Hannah’s dad was dead and she only had her mum and two younger siblings, a brother and a sister. Hannah was the first child. She got to know that they both had so many things in common, like they both loved pink and they were both of the same age.


Drifting out of her thoughts, she lighted up the front left side of the four-faced gas cooker and placed a small pot on it. She poured three cups of water into it and covered the pot with it’s lid before sitting on the only chair that was in her kitchen.

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