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WAYGA—What Are You Good At?

We live in the jet age,
but some live in the rocket age;
and some move like tortoise in the snail age,
still searching for the right stage.
What are you good at?
Is a question that needs an art.

An art of purpose,
not just skills;
An art of passion
not just speech;
An art of prowess;
not just school.
These arts are engulfing,
hence no sniffing.

When others chose to be lazy,
by going to parties and going crazy;
fleeing responsibilities and forming busy;
you just have to be real and not hazy;
about what you are really good at.

A time will come to for reckoning;
then there’ll be no beckoning;
for a king deserves crowning,
and legends deserve gowning
but fools deserve drowning.

So when you wake up each day
ask yourself the right question;
Instead of looking for what to say,
here comes the real question:

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