The Play Boy’s Diary (Part 1)


Ryan’s POV

Oh it’s monday morning again and worst of all, today is resumption day. Gosh I hate going to school on the resumption day, I just wish I could sleep more now, but mom won’t allow me. I quickly ran into the bathroom and took the fastest bath one would ever have and I came back into the bedroom and saw my uniform already on the bed and neatly ironed.

Nanny Prici, I whispered to myself smiling. I quickly wore my uniform which was blue and white. A long fitted trouser and white shirt.

I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Ryan Reynold and I am the girl’s prince charming and also the school’s number one bad boy. Yes that’s what I am. My dad is a rich and famous international business man while mom owns a big supermarket. Money is not a problem for me as it is surplus, you can say I am that handsome guy all the girls are dying to have, but certainly not only because I am handsome but because I have my money.

Enough of introduction now. I need to go to school. I wore my blue and white cardigan then I ran down the stairs to meet the aroma of fried egg already placed on the table.

“Auntie Prici, good morning, how was your night?” I greeted my nanny as I sat comfortably in the dinning devouring the egg and bread like an hungry lion, I quickly finished it and sip a little water from the cup, I went to the kitchen and bade Auntie Prici goodbye then I jumped into the car and my driver drove off.

Author’s POV

Unique high school could be seen very crowded with a lot of students. Ryan got out of his car and some girls couldn’t stop giggling and blushing as he waved at them. He was busy pressing his phone and he didn’t know someone was in front of him as he suddenly stepped on the person.

“Hey you, watch your steps please. You just got my socks dirty,” he heard the tiny voice of a girl.

“And so what? Go and wash it then,” he said and walked ahead.

Then the girl went to confront him. “Who the hell do you think you are huh? You ought to be polite, you were the one who stepped on me and you couldn’t even say sorry,” the girl said putting her hands on her waist.

“Oh I see, you are a new girl. That’s why you don’t know who I am. But too bad I have a class to attend now,” Ryan said and walked quickly towards another direction.

“Hey you jerk, come back,” the girl said trying to catch up with him, but couldn’t. “Spoilt brat,” she shouted angrily and went another way.

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