The Beautiful Pear Seller

On my way back from work,
I always see her at the same junction
She sells seasonal fruits, right now its pear
Maybe next time it’ll be mangoes
She always smiles.

I’d say she’s at her early twenties
Fair and tall she stands, always with a customer or two.
There’s a kind of brightness surrounding her, like she’s a bulb built by Faraday himself

She looked like a hardworking person
Like someone with a good heart
I don’t really know for sure because I always see her from afar for a short time.
I admire her brightness, but she doesn’t even know I exist.
Such is the irony of life.

I wonder if she wants to go to school
But couldn’t because her parents
have no money
I wonder if her parents are still alive
Maybe she’s even married.

I just passed her…

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