Locking Her Heart (Part 9)


Continued from the last part…

Alicia’s POV

“J³, is that like a mathematical expression…?” I asked.

“No. the J³ as in Jason, Jack, Josh,” Michelle said. “Jason Zac, he’s the hottest amongst the three, has the looks and all the girls in the school fall at his feet and worship the very ground he walks on. This made him egoistic as well as a player to the core.” Michelle picked a pebble, rolled it in her palm, and then threw it off. “That brings us to Jack Lyon, his parents are rich but not as rich as that of Jason, he changes girls like one changes dirty clothes. Jack is the party thrower of the group, they organize and throw parties mostly on Fridays to find new girls.” Michelle smiled a little then she continued, “Lastly Josh Brian. He’s the silent one of in group. He hardly speaks but that doesn’t stop him from being a player, however, he’s the considerate one in the group, it was even rumored he once had a girlfriend…” Michelle said.

To say I was shocked would not justify what I was feeling, so Jason was a player, and I was expected to marry him? How would that work out? I contemplated on telling his parents, but I realized that would only cause more problems for me.

“You should be lucky you haven’t crossed path with any of them,” Mitchelle’s voice brought me out of my thoughts. “But wait, you and Jack seem to know each other well enough, how’s that possible?”

“Well uhm, Jack was my childhood friend before we moved to another city, but I never imagined he would be a player or hurt the feelings of anyone.” I said.

“Trust me, Alicia, I know Jack very well,and there is nothing sweet about him. He’s a jerk, a player and an ass hat on all counts,” Michelle said

I couldn’t help but noticed she spoke about Jack more fiercely than she did the other two. “Michelle, do you and Jack have history?” I asked.

Immediately I asked her, her countenance changed immediately and her eyes watered up. At that moment, I regretted asking her so directly as it seemed he had really done something terrible to her. I was about to take back my words when she spoke up. “You’re really can read people easily, Alicia, and yes Jack and I do have history,” Michelle sighed.
“I had just gotten into Richmond as a transfer student, I met Jack on my first day and he showed me around, at that time he was so sweet to me that I never imagined he would ever hurt me. Two weeks later, he asked me out and I accepted, which is one of the biggest mistakes I ever made in my entire life,” Michelle said.

I was beyond shocked. Jack and Michelle dated. But wait, If they dated then why does she seem to despise him so much? What really happened between both of them?

“You’re probably wondering why I speak of him that way if we dated, well, I got the shock of my life when Jack invited me to a party, but broke up with me in front of everyone. To add salt to the injury, he said it was just a dare and he would have never dated me, not in his wildest dreams. At that point, no one cared about my feelings, everyone just laughed. They laughed so hard and they didn’t stop. I was so embarrassed, hurt and angry, nothing can describe what I felt at that moment. At first, I thought he was joking but he laughed more and threw me out of the party. I cried my eyes out on the way home and stayed indoors for a week not speaking to anyone. When I got back to school, he had already lied to everyone about how I begged him to date me and yet denied him of my body so he got tired and dumped me. I got my strength and shunned all the rumours, I didn’t care what anyone said about me and after sometime, everyone stopped talking about me and found some new topic to talk about,” Michelle finished.

I could see she was on the brink of tears after telling me her story. I seriously couldn’t believe that the Jack I knew would ever be capable of doing this to Michelle. I could feel the anger boiling deep inside of me but I won’t let her shed any more tears for him. “I really envy your courage, but you don’t have to be alone anymore I’ll always be here for you,” I said.

She pulled me into a tight hug. It felt good to find a friend, one who you could confide in at that.


The bell already, guess we must have been talking for a while. Michelle finally finished that story on her most embarrassing moment and I laughed like never before. She was a really jovial person to be around, after everything she’d been through…

“Woahh! Finally lunch time lunch time, I’m really hungry,” Michelle said. “Come on I’ll buy you lunch as a show of good faith.”


The cafeteria was extremely large and it was divided into sections, as well as tables with at least four seats each. I chose one randomly and sat down while waiting for Michelle to bring us lunch.

“You really can’t stay away from me. That’s our table so move it babe.”

Oh, he’s really going to get it now…

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