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God is in the Rain

God is in the rain
How else do you explain why
The cloud let’s go when the tears brim and threaten to fall
How else do you explain why the thunderstorm is there to mask your sobs…

God is in the rain
In the smell of musky earth
That heralds a new beginning for everyone
As the old and our mistakes mixes with the mud and flows away…

God is in the rain
She’s in the cold that wraps itself around you to protect you
In the goosebumps that announce her presence and companionship
In the chill you feel in your spine that makes you shiver and stay alive…

God is in the rain
And the rain is here
For me and for every heart broken, breaking or about to break
Let go, break down, cry, let your inhibitions fall away…

The rain will wash everything away
And we will smell and see the world anew
And from our broken parts we will rebuild
After all God is in the rain…

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