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Entrusted (Episode Seven)

Continued from the last part…

Griiii Griiii, Julie’s phone vibrated. She stretched like a baby and blindly searched for her phone on the drawer by the bed side with her left hand. She was so exhausted.

Last night, she and Dave ended up having five rounds of sex. Julie got tired when they had the fourth round but Dave had begged her to have one more round which she gave in to after series of pleas.

Immediately they were done with the fifth round they both fell into deep slumber and didn’t wake up throughout the night.

“Hello,” Julie muffled a yawn with her hand and picked the call immediately her hand found the phone.

There was a pause as the person on the other end spoke.

“Aargh!” she immediately sat up straight and looked at the ID of the person she’s on call with.

There was another pause.

“Can you not scream?” She complained squeezing her eyes shut.


“What?” She immediately shut her eyes open and all of the drowsiness that was left in her body disapeared.


“Are you serious?” she asked the caller excitedly.


“Awwn!” she screamed happily.


“OK,” she nodded her head vigorously.


“Alright,” she grinned and with that,she dropped the call.

“Best! Best!” She shook Dave vigorously

“I’m up–I’m up–I’m up!!” Dave groaned
Only when he sat up did she stop shaking him.

“Guess what?” she grinned.

“What” Dave stiffled a yawn.

“You know that friend of mine I once told you about?” she asked giggling.

“You always tell me about so many of your friends,” Dave rolled his eyes.

“Really?” Julie asked

“Yes!” Dave groaned.

“Whatever,” Julie laughed

“You know that friend…”

“I once told you about….Cut to it Sunshine,” Dave groaned frustratingly. “You said that before,” he added.

“Oh, OK. Well,you know the one I said travelled to Korea?” she asked happily.

“That I know,” Dave sighed.

“She’s coming back to Nigeria today,” she clapped excitedly. “And she’ll be staying with me for the mean time. Isn’t that glorious!” she squeaked happily.

“It is indeed,” Dave shook his head and laid back to sleep.

“Best! Get up you sleepy head!” Julie threw a pillow at him.

“Noooo, I don’t want to.” Dave pouted and snuggled closer to Julie. “I’ll get up when you kiss me,” he added huskily.

“Ewww, your morning breath stinks,” Jukie giggled.

“Whatever,” Dave pouted and snuggled closer to Julie. “Can go for another round this morning?” he added, smiling sheepishly.

“What!” Julie wriggled out of his arms and got off the bed.

“OK, lets take our bath together,” Dave grinned

“Ehn, for where? It’s not possible.” Julie got of the bed. “See how useless you made me.” She took a towel from the dressing table and turned to face Dave. “Look at me. Let me show you how useless you made me,” she added.

After gaining Dave’s attention, she spread her legs a little bit, bent a little and began walking around the room like an agric chicken. Dave watched her moved around and laughed heartily. It’s one of the things he loved about her. She is funny.

Julie stopped and watched Dave laugh. She smiled. She loved it when he laughs at her joke.

“You want to kill me before my time right, it’s not possible,” she added and resumed walking like a gorilla walking on two feet. Dave continued laughing till she entered the bathroom and locked the door. Even after she got into the bathroom, he didn’t stop laughing.


After Julie finished bathing, she wore a short gown and her slippers then went downstairs to prepare brunch. After a while, Dave also went in to bath. When he was done, he wore a Gucci T-Shirt and Gucci short and a pair of Gucci pam slippers. He combed his hair, sprayed cologne over his body and headed for the stairs.

“Smells good,” he complimented immediately he got to the dinning table.

“Whatever,” Julie yelled from the kitchen.

After a while,Julie came out of the kitchen with a tray consisting a plate of sliced bread and a plate of fried egg. She gently placed the tray on the table and went back into the kitchen. Forty seconds later, she was out, carrying two cups of ready-made tea. She placed the cups filled with tea on the table and sat next to Dave who was already sitted on one of the four dinning chairs.

“Hmmn, my baby is rocking Gucci today,” Julie winked. “And you smell fantastic too,” she added, sniffing at Dave.

Awwn awwn,” Dave grinned.

“Yup.” Julie took two slices of bread and placed a fitting egg between them and handed it over to Dave. She took another two slices and did the same for herself.

“Hmmn, tastes good too,” Dave smiled.

Awwn awwn,thanks darling,” Julie chuckled.

“Hmmn. If you are so grateful, why don’t we go upstairs for a quickie?” Dave winked and gritted his teeth.

Upstairs koh, downgutter ni,” Julie eyed him.

Hanhan,” Dave pouted.

Oya sorry,” Julie giggled.

Leemeejhur,” Dave frowned.

“Oya sorry na, I will cook jollof rice for you,” Julie winked.

Eh?” Dave looked at her sheepishly, licking his lower lip.

Ehn now,” Julie giggled.

“Are you sure?” Dave smiled.

“Yes na.” Julie chuckled.

Awwn awwn. OK,” Dave grinned happily.

“Oya take.” Julie fed him with her slices of bread.

Dave munched on it and smiled like a baby.
“I love you,” he muttered after swallowing the food in his mouth.

“I love you more,” Julie smiled and pecked his right cheek.

“One more,” Dave said using his right index finger to pat his left cheek.

Julie stood up and pecked his left cheek.

“Wait, there’s one more,” Dave smiled.

“What one more?” Julie asked giggling.

“This one” Dave used one of his index fingers to pat his nose.

“Oh, OK,” Julie smiled. She stood up again and made to kiss Dave’s nose but when she was about to kiss his nose, he moved his head up a bit, making Julie’s mouth get in contact with his.

Julie smiled. “I knew you were gonna do that,” she muttered.

“Hmn, shhh,” Dave smiled and signaled for her to stop talking. They kissed softly but passionately for a while and after five minutes, they both broke the kiss, gasping for breath.

“If you continue like this, we won’t be able to leave this house,” Julie laughed.

“Hmn,I think I’ll like that,” Dave winked.

Julie laughed and they continued eating. After ten minutes, they were done and Julie cleared the dishes to the kitchen and hastily washed the dishes. After she was done, she went up to grab her purse and and both their phones. She also used the opportunity to change the slippers she was wearing to a pair of pink Channel pam slippers.

After she was done spraying her perfume, she headed downstairs. “Ready?” Dave asked standing up from the couch he was lying on.

“Ready!” Julie confirmed.

“OK.” Dave grabbed his car keys from the dinning table and collected his phone from her. They both headed for the door. “Please Ma’am.” Dave bowed holding the door open for Julie to go out.

Awwn awwn. Best you are the best,” Julie grinned and walked out of the house into her car. Dave locked the door and opened the gate for Julie to drive out. Julie drove out and parked outside the compound. Dave took turn and drove out. After driving out, he parked his car near Julie’s and walked back to lock the gate. After he locked the gate, he walked back to Julie’s car.

“So, call me when you get home OK?” Dave smiled resting on Julie’s driver’s side of her car.

“I will. I’ll miss you best,” Julie pouted.

“I’ll miss you too,” Dave chuckled.

“Don’t worry, I’ll drop by your house on Saturday. Today is Wednesday right?” Dave added.

“Yes, but it’s far o. Saturday is still far,” Julie complained.

“No it’s not. Just three more days,” Dave smiled

“OK, I’ve heard,” Julie sighed.

“That’s my baby,” Dave smiled and ruffled her hair with his left hand.

“Stop jhur!” Julie giggled.

Dave chuckled and kissed her. Immediately Dave broke the kiss, Julie scrunched up her face.

“One more,” she pleaded.

Dave giggled and kissed her for one minute then he broke the kiss. Julie looked at him sad and expectantly as if waiting for more kisses. Dave noticed this and opened his mouth.

“You want more ni?” he asked.

“Yes,” Julie nodded sadly.

“You want more?” Dave asked astonished.

“Ehn,” Julie replied nodding her head. Dave laughed. He then moved closer and kissed her passionately till she was almost melting.
After a while, his phone rang and he broke the kiss.

He brought his phone out to check the ID of the caller and it turned out to be one of his customers.

“I have to go Sunshine,” he looked up at Julie.

“Okay.” Julie pouted.

“Bye Sunshine.” He lifted himself off her car and waved.

“Bye Best.” Julie pouted. “I’ll cry,” Julie added.

Urgh, don’t okay?” Dave chuckled.


Wahhhhh,” Julie started crying like a baby.

“Oh,” Dave got into her car and cuddled her.

“Sorry na,” Dave pouted.

“Okay. You know what, we’ll video call every night,” Dave said. “How about that?” he asked.

“It’s cool.” Julie immediately stopped crying and squeaked happily.

“Good,” Dave smiled and got out of her car.

“I’ll call you babe.” Dave waved.

“I’ll be expecting boo,” Julie giggled. Julie waited till Dave got to his car. Immediately Dave got into his car, they both zoomed off in opposite directions, Dave to the left and Julie to the right.

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