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We Go Shine Las Las

Forget say today dey somehow
No gree say your challenge dey like cow
Just know say anyhow
We go take our bow
To the last drops of suffer suffer
Wey wan make us tire tire!

Just remember say anything you dey do
Make sure say you put your mind to am so
That you go shine better shine in am
Las las we they go through tough times
Las las the bell to greatness go ding
And then we go shine our own shine
We go dine our own dine!

No think say the problems they your back
No go fall down someday to the ground
Remember say even when your day dey black!
Na just one eraser go clean am in time’s sand!
And then you go hammer like big time in the big bang!

Remember say you must to first hustle
And in it you go day puzzle
Say which kind life be this
No forget say na your life
Be strong like ajanuoku!

Las las you go make am
after the hustle don finish
Wen papa God say na your time
Na you go smile
Las las you go come out strong
Las las you go dunk your own ball
Into the net of greatness!

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