The Hidden Truth (Part 7)


Continued from the last part…

Ava’s POV

Dennis is just funny, so funny. I was really enjoying his funny jokes when three girls walked up to us. They stood staring at us, I mean me in particular. What have I done? I muttered to myself.

“Can I talk to you Dennis?” I heard the one on the right say, her school uniform was very short exposing her fair laps. She’s very beautiful with her long hair, and a rich girl too. She was staring at me, the looks weren’t good at all, the other one at the left was chewing gum like a prostitute, not minding the stares she was attracting to our table. In fact their school uniforms were very short. I wondered who made a law of wearing short school uniform because almost all the girls here were wearing short uniforms to school. Anyway whatever they wear isn’t my business.

“OK,” Dennis answered and sat up, they left leaving I and the other two girls. The other one at the middle shifted the cans on the table and sat on top of the table facing me. I shifted my chair a bit uncomfortably, waiting for her to see next step.

“Hey!” she shouted as if I was far away from her, I looked up at her, she was smilingly devilishly.

“You are the new girl right?” she asked me, I just sat down mopping at her. “Stay away from Dennis,” I heard her say. What’s she talking about?

“Excuse me?” I said not knowing where this conversation was leading to.

“He’s someone’s man, stay away from him.”

“I’m a friend to him. I was forced to say. What is she insinuating?

“It’s none of my business, it’s better you start staying away or you get it hot from us. You don’t know us and we don’t know you. It’s a warning, don’t bite more than you can chew,” she blew the bubble at my face and walked away but not without stepping on me. I got really angry and stood up to retaliate, someone grabbed me from behind. I turned and it was Ann.

“What do you think you’re doing? Let’s get out of here,” she said dragging me out of the cafeteria.

“You should have left me to deal with her. Why did you stop me?” I shouted as soon as I sat down on my seat. Some students in the class looked at me.

“You want to fight?” she asked me and I didn’t answer. “Do you know who she is?” I was just staring at her. “Fighting is prohibited.” She brought out her book to read.

“Really? What about bullies?” I asked now getting angry.

“That girl is Amelia Johnson, the girl is the only daughter of a successful businessman. Not only that, she has a good reputation in school and has brought him so many medals in school. Do you want to get kicked out? The girl is a devil herself. Now do you still wanna fight?”

I rolled my eyes and bent down on my desk. My first day in school is already like this, what will other days bring for me? The bell for break over was heard and students trooped inside. The rest of the day was from one lessons to another, and school ended.

I rushed home, mom wasn’t home neither was Gideon. He must have gone out to play, I made some casserole dish, went over to the sitting room and sat down on the cushion. I was still sipping the liquid when Gideon came back.

“I’m tired Ava,” he said sitting down on a single cushion. What’s my business? Did I send him to play?

“Wow, is there some left?” he said sitting up.

“What?” I asked still eating.

“What are you eating?” he asked me

“Are you blind?” I asked him back. And he hissed.

“Where’s my own?” he asked.

“Don’t you know where the kitchen is?”

“Gosh Ava, stop. I’m hungry,” he said rushing towards the kitchen. I laughed.

I stood up and went into my bedroom, dropped the plate on my study table and lied down on my bed thinking of what happened in school today. Immediately I remembered my quiet neighbour. What’s wrong with her? Gosh, I almost forgot to be in the shop by now. I rushed inside the bathroom to shower. My mom owns a coffee shop down the street, I better help her. Before twenty minutes, I was already out of my room.

“Gideon, keep the house clean, I’m off to shop!” I shouted as soon as I came into the sitting room, he was already sleeping. I smiled and carried him to his bedroom, I pecked him and rushed out not forgetting to lock the door.


“Ava, I hope you liked your new school,” mom said as we were eating dinner.

“It was good, it’s big, and populated too,” I simply answered and faced my food.

“Are you sure?” she asked worriedly. This woman can get worried for nothing. I stood up immediately, everybody turned to look at me. I’d lost my appetite.

“Good night mom,” I said and went into my room.

“Is she alright?” Gideon asked.

“It’s nothing, eat and get to sleep,” mom answered.

I lay on my bed thinking of Dennis. Suddenly I remembered her again, something is drawing me to her and I don’t know, there’s something I need to know and Ann is the perfect person to answer that. This Ann of a girl, she’s too quiet too. Mom came inside immediately and I frowned.

“Mom, I thought I told you to knock before coming into my room?” She ignored me and walked up to the bed and sat down looking intently at me.

“Tell me what happened in school today.” I knew she wasn’t going to let it slide. I mustered up courage to talk to her.

“I’ve told you. Nothing happened, its a nice school.”

“I know you Ava, I gave birth to you, something is eating you up Ava.”

I sighed and sat up. I held her hands and looked at her sweetly. “I’m a big girl now, I can take good care of my self. Even if something happened, I’m always on the right path,” I kissed her cheek and whispered. “Take care of yourself and I’m reassuring you that I can sort my problems myself,” I finally quipped in hoping she believed me.

And it worked because she kissed me good night and left. I rushed and locked my door before my kid brother runs in. I lay down and closed my eyes, waiting for sleep to take me to wonderland.

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