Sick (Part 4)


Continued from the last part…

An idle mind, they say is the workshop of the devil. I never believed that saying until now.
One fateful day I was all alone in luxurious my room as usual when something I can never fathom got into me, with the speed of light I jumped down from my rather too big bed and ran like a cheetah to the kitchen. It was as if something unusual was directing my steps, I felt possessed. I spotted a very sharp shinny slivery knife and grabbed it,

“Dumebi just end it all. You have fought enough, you need rest, a very peaceful everlasting rest,” a voice from no where said to me. “Run to your room and end it all there. Run! Run! Run!” the voice kept on saying to me, urging me violently. I screamed and ran back up the stairs heading to my room with the knife in my hand. I found myself obeying the voice.

I was at the edge of the stairs when I heard a very familiar voice call my name loudly, it was mom’s. Her voice made me stop and I stood rooted on a spot and dared her to come up the stairs. I was greatly controlled by something unknown.

“Mom don’t dare! I want to end it all mom please let me be!” I shouted down at her.

“No Dumebim, my love, my heart, my life. I love you, Dad loves you, Aunty Nkiru loves you, please don’t move your hand,” she said, coming up with steady but fast steps, but kept on talking so as to distract me.

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