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Oh! You, do you remember that time, that day and that decade? Do you remember those times I would come out in a while like the moon, and people would joyfully shower greetings at me? I would literally response to the greetings with warm smile and walk by and you standing at a distance, felt the need to follow the routine and greet me also. You actually did what you could do to every normal person, you made a sign from that distance.

You did that with your purest of heart and had wanted a warm, reply but hell no! You were not given one, instead you were silenced with silence. That really pained you and you termed me a snub.

But I didn’t blame you cause we had different visual perceptions. You didn’t know; neither do I, I just realize. Do you remember when I left our sphere? I went to a different region. A place where my problems and I were new again. A region having same species like ours but different genes and look.

I wasn’t really known there, for once I wanted to fumble, but the melanin in me couldn’t let me. One thing very significant happened there, they were able to know that distance is my enemy and they avoided it. They detected and even asked me for clarity but they ended up throwing me into self chaos. Although I ignored that thought in my head and went on with life until I left there.

Do you remember when I lived nomadically in between cities in our sphere? Those times no one found out but I did. It dawned on me that everything was real and true. The world never stopped being colourful, but I notice its colors only at some inches. I know you do know very well that solitude is my shadow and I had always been secluded.

It’s funny how I still walk in seclusion, outwardly hahaha, but that wasn’t part if it oo. This seclusion and carefree walk is another natural pattern… lol. Today I just want to tell you that I’m myopic, aye! I am. Don’t you ever think it to mean I’m blind, there’s nothing wrong with coming closer.

Moreover, I see better in the night than you do! Let me also tell you that I kill mosquitoes without my glasses. To the you, ab initio, yes I noticed you, but I needed to get closer to affirm that you made a sign! To all those who are on this phase of life, you’re extra ordinary. You swayfully got to the other side of life and visual perception. Don’t ever think you’re starry-eyed.

I love you all.

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