Locking Her Heart (Part 8)

Continued from the last part…

Alicia’s POV

Immediately I realized it was Jack, I couldn’t help but laugh. I laughed so hard I bet the students in the hall wall would look at me like a freak. I mean, this is Jack. Childhood friend Jack. We lost contact a long time ago when my family moved to another city. I never imagined that we would ever meet, I guess fate has a funny way of playing tricks. As to why I laughed, Jack would always pour water on me purposely and I always promised him to get back at him but I never did. I guess this was finally my chance.

“You two know each other?” Michelle asked.

Damn! I actually forgot she was here. Well, since we’re already friends, at least I think we are. I better introduce them.

“Well, Michelle, this is Jack. Jack, Michelle,” I said smiling at both of them.

“I already know who he is,” Michelle said with an unreadable expression and with that, she stormed away.

Why does it seem like they know each other well enough? And why did she have that look? Exactly the same look I have when I see or hear about Jason. I had to find out after all we are friends.

“So I see you attend Richmond,” said Jack.

“Well, yeah, uh my parents passed away so now I live with the Zacs and they’re currently taking care of me,” I said.

“I’m really so sorry, Alicia,” Jack said.

“Thanks a lot, Jack.

“Okay. Wait a minute, Zac as in Jason Zac? You live with Jason? Jack asked with an incredulous look on his face.

“Uhm, yeah, I do actually. That’s not something I’m proud of though,” I said. I could see he was confused. Of course, he wouldn’t understand the immense hatred I have for Jason.

I suddenly remembered Michelle and her expression. I need to find her and ask what happened ASAP. But I didn’t even know where to start from nonetheless, I’m determined to find her.

“Okay, Jack, I’ll talk to you later or we’ll catch up or something. I really have to go,” I said.

“Wait, at least let’s exchange contacts,” Jack said.

I gave him my number.

“Thanks, Alicia. Uhm, see you around, I guess.” Jack said.

After he left, I got more confused as to where to find Michelle. I felt partly responsible for this as it was me who introduced them. I’d almost given up hope when I sighted Michelle in some place that liked like a garden. On one side, couples were seen doing well… what couples do, and on the other hand guys were playing football. m
My new found friend was seen keeping a straight face and looking up at the sky. I approached her with caution and just sat beside her and decided to give her time for a while.

“Sorry for walking out on you like that,” Michelle said.

“It’s no problem but I would really like to know why,” I said.

“Okay, I was going to give you a tour of the school so I might as well give you a tour on the students. You ready?” Michelle asked.

“Hit me, I’m ready,” I said.

“Ever heard of the J³?” Michelle asked.

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