Ill Fated Romance (Episode One)


Eliana woke up late due to the drinks she had taken during the celebrations last night. They had just won a battle against the Ghuria kingdom, one of Luisha’s worst enemies. She smiled and went to her bathroom to take her bath, then she came out few minutes later with a towel tied around her chest. She later dressed in her official robes, the ones that made her look like a male.

“Life of a commander, I don’t even get to live like a lady,” she said out loud as she looked herself in the mirror. “No not this hair,” she continued holding her hair up with pins then she smiled at herself.

“My lady,” a man called from outside and she went towards the door, she opened it and the man bowed.

“What is it?” She asked.

“His royal majesty calls for you,” the man said and Eliana nodded.

“Go,” she whispered and the man bowed then left.

She went in, took her sword and left for the palace court.


“Here comes the commander,” the eunuch announced as Eliana stepped in and walked towards the king.

“Army commander, Eliana Naokes, greets your majesty,” she said and bowed to the king then she sat down.

“Eliana, accept the royal decree,” the king said and she quickly knelt down. “From today onwards, you shall hold the title of Army General,” the king announced and Eliana looked surprised and also confused at the same time.

“But your Majesty, a lady has never held the post of an army general,” she protested.

“And I have made a new law that a woman should have the right to hold a post in the army, in court and also participate in politics,” the king said and Eliana looked up.

“Thank you your majesty, I accept the decree,” she said.

After some not too serious talk with the king about the state of affairs in the kingdom, she left the court room and started heading towards the main palace gate when she heard a lady yelling her name from behind. She turned and saw a lady in waiting running towards her.


Eliana followed the lady in waiting to meet the queen. “Greetings your majesty,” she bowed when she saw the queen coming out.

“Rise now, commander, oh sorry general,” she said and Eliana rose her head and went to sit on a chair by the queen’s right hand side.

“How have you been, Ana? It’s been a while since I last saw you,” the queen said taking a sip from the wine beside her.

“I’ve been fine, your Majesty, it’s by your grace,” she replied with a fake smile. The truth was that Eliana never liked the queen in the first place, she always felt uncomfortable around her, but the queen suddenly summoning her and acting all nice was something she couldn’t really understand.

“Without wasting much time, I need you to do something for me,” she said after staring at Eliana for a while.

That’s it! I knew she wouldn’t call me here without a reason. Eliana thought until she jolted out of her thoughts when she heard something fall down, it was a careless servant.

“I’m sorry, your Majesty,” the trembling servant said and quickly packed it then she left hurriedly.

“What can I do for you, your Majesty?” Eliana asked, forcing a smile.

“I want you to marry prince Seth,” the queen dropped the bomb.

Eliana almost choked on the drink that was about to go down her throat. “Pardon?” she asked cleaning her dress.

“You heard me right,” the queen replied.

“No way, never. Not in this lifetime will I marry the prince. He does not even have an ounce of humanity in him, not when I’m alive will I marry that heartless being. I’m sorry Your Highness, but I have to reject your proposal,” Eliana said and left the room angrily, the sound of the queen chuckling could be heard.

Eliana kept talking to herself until she bumped into someone, she looked up and saw that the same person she just rejected was now in front of her. “Your Highness,” Eliana said and bowed.

“General, you look so beautiful today,” he said trying to touch her cheek but she turned her head.

“Thank you, but I don’t need people like you to compliment me,” Eliana said in an obviously angry tone, she bowed and left.

Seth was angry but held it in, “Who does she think she is? Insulting me, a prince of this nation, she will regret this,” he said and turned. Then he saw two servants talking and laughing he immediately thought they were laughing at him. “Both of you, halt right there,” he commanded and they both stood glued at a spot and started fidgeting. “So you both were laughing at me? You were mocking me, right?” he said and they shaked their head negatively.

“Please understand us, Your Highness, we were not talking about you let alone laughing at you. Please have mercy on us,” one of them said and they quickly knelt down and rubbed their palms together pleading for mercy.

He chuckled. “Mercy?” He asked raising his hands to slap the girl that had talked when he heard his mother’s voice.

“Stop right there!” she said and Seth withdrew his hand and placed it behind him. “You both can leave,” the Queen said and they quickly ran away.

“What do you think you are doing? With that inhuman habit of yours do you think Eliana will agree to marry you?” she said and Seth brought down his face. “You are such a fool,” she shouted at him and he got angry.

“Stop it, mother. Please stop it. I’m not a child anymore, stop scolding me. My decisions are always wrong in your eyes,” he said and left her presence angrily. His mother sighed loudly, turned and left for her quarters.

To be continued…

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