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I Forgot

I forgot,
I forgot who I am
Laid down in the ashes,
Looking around for help
Not remembering,
I alone, can help me.

I forgot,
I forgot the words spoken,
The truth so glaring,
I was blind
to even the brightest of all lights,

I forgot,
“Don’t you know that ye be gods?”
Paul said.
“You are co-heirs to the throne,” he said
“Aye, overcomers”
“son of God,” the book called me.

I forgot,
Yes, I forgot how love works
How it travels and permeates
Even the darkest, unworthiest soul
How it forgives and liberates
I forgot your words and the eyes.
Oh, the eyes that spoke wonders
And pulled down the ramparts.

I forgot,
I forgot how beautiful life can be
How sweet it is
When it is seen from the eyes of a child
I forgot how to live
How to be joyful and happy like a kid.

I forgot a whole lot
But now,
I remember it all.
Now I know…

About Author

Gabie Abutu
An apprentice in wordsmithry.
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